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MoneyGram money transfer

Every day we seek ways to make our work as easy as possible. And, lucky for us, more and more methods have been developed to solve delicate issues much easier and without headaches. Thanks to technology, it seems that the geographical boundaries have disappeared.

Have you ever imagined that you can transfer money in just 10 minutes to / from abroad? Perhaps a few years ago this seemed inconceivable. Now, however, everything is simple, fast and safe.

What can you do with OTP MoneyGram bank transfer?

  • Send money in cash in secure and fast conditions without the need for a debit card or bank account;

  • You have available to transfer over 233,000 agency locations in 191 countries;

  • You have the ability to transfer the desired amount in just 10 minutes, depending on the agent's working schedule and local regulations;

  • You benefit from small fees via MoneyGram, through which money arrive at national or international level, in Euro, Lei or US Dollars;

  • MoneyGram always comes to your aid by simplifying actions and constantly proposing new services;

  • Have confidence. Agents dealing with your transfer are competent persons who will ensure that your money is delivered to the right recipient in good time.

How does OTP MoneyGram bank transfer work?

  • At the time of the bank transfer, MoneyGram agent will provide you with a reference number that you must transmit to the person to whom the money will go. The package includes a free 10-word message.

  • If you are in the position to collect money from OTP Bank headquarters, then make sure you have the identity card and the reference number that MoneyGram communicates to the person who made the bank transfer. Money is handed over on the spot, with no additional taxes or fees.

  • Go to the MoneyGram website:

    • • Find the locations of the MoneyGram agencies closest to you and your loved ones;
    • • Search advantageous fees to send money anywhere in the world;
    • • See what receipt options are available in the country where you are sending money.

In addition to the transfer fee that applies to a transaction, a currency exchange charge set by MoneyGram or its agents may be applied. Tariffs can change.

How to access the MoneyGram bank transfer service?

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to transfer money quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MoneyGram is a fast money transfer service anywhere in the world. It has over 92,000 agents in 170 countries and gives you the possibility to receive or send cash anywhere abroad / from abroad in 10 minutes without the need for a bank account or credit card.

No. If you make a MoneyGram transfer, you can benefit from free of charge opening of a current account and free of charge issuance of a Flat Mastercard debit card.

The Identity Card it's enough in order to send money to any place in the world that has the MoneyGram logo.

With MoneyGram you can receive or send money anywhere in the world in just 10 minutes!

No. In order for the recipient to be able to collect the sent amount of money, he / she must go to any MoneyGram office, anywhere in the world, with the valid identity card. The recipient must know the unique reference number you received from the MoneyGram agent.

The money is handed over on the spot after the requested information has been submitted, without any other tax or fee.