With Google Pay you pay relaxed at any POS.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is available for devices with Android operating system, through the Google Wallet application that you can install from Google Play store.

You can also download the Google Wallet application on your smart watch device that meets the following conditions:

  • Has Wear OS 2.15 or another newer version available;
  • Has NFC technology available.

All active Mastercard credit or debit cards can be enrolled in Google Wallet.

Google Pay is now available at OTP Bank. You can make contactless payments with your phone, online or at any POS, simply, quickly and safely, of course.

Download the Google Wallet app from Google Play, add your Mastercard card issued by OTP Bank to the app and pay with ease with your mobile phone.

How to enroll the card in Google Wallet?

  1. Open the Google Wallet application
  2. Press the "+ Add to Wallet" button
    google pay add to wallet
  3. Select the "GPay - Payment card" option
    google pay payment card
  4. Enter the card data
  5. Follow the instructions
  6. At the end you also receive a unique password via SMS that you must enter in the application

Follow the tutorial to see how to enroll your card in Google Wallet:


How do I pay with Google Pay

To pay with your phone through the Google Wallet payment application, you only need to open your phone, respectively authenticate using the methods set at the device level, then bring your Android smartphone closer to the POS terminal.

To make payments using a smartwatch, it is necessary to open the Google Wallet application on your device and bring your smartwatch closer to the POS terminal until you receive the confirmation by the sound signal or vibration.

Make sure the Google Wallet app is set as the default payment method in your device settings (for example: Settings/ Connections/ NFC/ Payment -> select the Google Wallet option).

Where can I use Google Pay?

In any store in the country or abroad that accepts contactless payment, in mobile applications that accept Google Pay.

How much does it cost?

It's free! You just need a Mastercard card issued by OTP Bank and a compatible Android device.

Don't have an OTP Bank card yet?

If you do not have a card issued by OTP Bank, you can request it here .

Click here for terms and conditions.

Frequent questions

Download the Google Wallet application from the Play Store, add the Mastercard card issued by OTP Bank that you want to enroll in Google Wallet and follow the instructions.

For smartwatches, the app can be downloaded if the device:

  • Has the Wear OS2.15 platform or another newer version available;
  • Has NFC technology available;
  • The Google Wallet application is installed on both the smartwatch and the Android phone;
  • Use any Mastercard card issued by OTP Bank for enrollment.
  • Access Google Wallet in the phone menu;
  • Find the enrolled card in the Google Wallet application.
  • By accessing the menu Settings/More connections/NFC/Default application you will select GPay.
  • Having the OTP Bank cards enrolled in Google Wallet you can now enjoy the simplest and safest payment experience on an Android phone.

To make the payment in mobile applications or on the internet (Lime, Takeaway, etc) you just have to select Google Pay when it is available as a payment method and confirm the transaction using the authentication method set on the mobile device, without having to to enter the card details.

Transactions via Google Pay are subject to the same limits as those made with a physical card.

If the card expires, a new card is automatically issued and its data is also automatically updated in Google Pay after activating the new card or with the new expiration date.

  • If you change your phone, it is necessary to add the cards to Google Pay again.
  • If you sell the phone, send it for service or dispose of it in any other way, make sure you delete all cards data from the device.

Further details can be found on the https://support.google.com/