3D Secure Technology

3D Secure Technology

Sit comfortably in your armchair, enjoy a steaming cup of your favourite tea and start shopping online. Visit thousands of stores, compare prices, choose what suits you, read the opinions of other buyers, and find the right solution for you. Every day is a reason for rewarding yourself. Now it's much safer to pay with your card on the internet. Online shopping is at least as safe as in physical stores.

As early as November 24th, 2016, we are constantly improving the security of e-card payments (eCommerce). Thus, we're introducing 3D Secure technology that guarantees the security of online payments using a dynamic password. Free yourself from paying on delivery and enjoy just the fulfilment of your wishes.

What is 3D Secure Technology?

  • 3DSecure is a modern technology product, developed by the International VISA and Mastercard Cards Organisations;

  • Increased security and convenience when making transactions in the virtual environment;

  • Entering into an extensive market of 3D Secure merchants, quality users;

  • You will enjoy this service at no extra cost;

  • 3DSecure is an authentication standard of the identities of card holders making transactions on the Internet, protecting the holder upon authentication;

  • The secured e-commerce system is implemented on merchant sites under the name of Mastercard Secure Code for Mastercard cards and Verified by VISA for VISA cards. They can be identified by their logos.

How does it work?

  • When you make an online payment with the card issued by OTP Bank, the „3D Secure” password will be sent by the bank to your mobile phone.

  • You will use a unique dynamic password for every payment with your internet card, which you will receive free of charge via SMS, to the mobile phone number communicated to the bank at the time of card issuance.

  • Basically, card payments over the Internet will be made as follows:

    • • Finalize the order and make the payment with the OTP card, by introducing its data (card number, validity, CVV/CVC code);
    • • Receive your password via SMS on your mobile phone. The password will be valid for 10 minutes and, in case it expires, you will have to restart the payment process.
    • • Enter the password and finalize the payment.
  • In order to enjoy the convenience of Internet card secure payments, please make sure that the mobile number that you mentioned to the bank is still valid (if necessary, you can update your mobile number by making a short visit to any OTP Bank Romania branches or contact our Customer Service team at +40-021.308.5711).

Our recommendations:

  • Not any merchant / website that owns a virtual store offers 3DSecure technology, secure e-commerce. You can benefit from 3DSecure technology if the logo of the International Card Organisations „Verified by VISA” and / or „Mastercard Secure Code” is present on the payment page;

  • After making sure you have all the information regarding the transaction - price, delivery time - you can enter the card series;

  • Even if there is a dedicated section, do not enter the card PIN code;

  • OTP Bank cannot be held responsible for online transactions carried out by using its cards at online merchants, in Romania and/or abroad;

  • In case of unforeseeable situations, you can contact the ROMCARD S.A. Card Processing Centre at the telephone number 021 402 00 29 or by e-mail, at the address frontoffice@romcard.ro.

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Frequently asked questions

After signing an OTPdirekt contract beforehand in the branch, access is made as follows:

  • OTPdirekt - Contact Center can be reached by phone at 0800 88 22 88 (free of charge from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or at + 4021 308 57 10 (callable from abroad). Once you have selected the language of your conversation, choose 3. To identify yourself, follow two simple steps: for the first step, enter the last 10 digits of the bank card and the 3-digit access code, and for the second step, enter the digits generated by the physical token or received via SMS in the case of virtual token identification.
  • OTPdirekt - Internet Banking can be accessed on the Internet at www.otpdirekt.ro dedicated page or by visiting the bank's website www.otpbank.ro, choosing one of the two methods of identification „with card” or „without card”. The „card” identification method involves entering the last 10 digits of the bank card and the 3-digit access code. The „no card” identification method involves entering the client code, user, and 3-digit access code. After entering the data from the first identification step, you can enter the digits generated by the physical token or received via SMS, in the case of virtual token identification, to access all of your accounts and make transactions.
  • OTPdirekt - SmartBank can be accessed directly from the available Android / iOS App or by accessing the m.otpbank.ro mobile site, choosing one of the two „card” or „no card” identification methods. The „card” identification method involves entering the last 10 digits of the bank card and the 3-digit access code. The „no card” identification method involves entering the client code, user, and 3-digit access code. After entering the data from the first identification step, you can enter the digits generated by the physical token or received via SMS, in the case of virtual token identification, to access all of your accounts and make transactions.

OTPdirekt - Contact Center, Internet Banking, SmartBank and Push notifications / SMS Alerts are available to any client, individual, legal person or authorized person who has a current account with OTP Bank and has concluded an OTPdirekt contract.

The cards issued by OTP Bank Romania are automatically enrolled by the bank in the 3D Secure system so you can enjoy secure transactions.

The access code can be changed as often as necessary. You can also use this option if you think the current code no longer offers the desired security level. At first use it is mandatory to change the access code from its default value so that it is only known by you. Also, to use OTPdirekt - Internet Banking safely, the Application will ask you to change the access code once every 6 months.

Yes, through OTPdirekt - Internet Banking and Contact Center you have access to payments and transfers both in LEI and in currency between your own accounts, as well as to other OTP Bank clients or other banks clients (domestic and foreign). OTPdirekt - SmartBank also offers you the possibility to make intrabanking and interbanking payments and transfers in lei, as well as intrabanking in currency.

Yes, the OTPdirekt service is secure. The security certificate is provided by VeriSign (http://www.verisign.com), world leader in Internet security. Also, communication between your workstation and your bank is performed on an encrypted channel using the 128-bit SSL standard.

Payment of bills to utility providers is possible, and the menu that will be accessed from Internet Banking is Operations - Utility Payments. They can also be accessed via SmartBank using the „Payments” menu, the „Utilities” section or by calling the Contact Center.

This service is available from anywhere, both in the country and abroad, via the www.otpbank.ro website, through native Android or iOS Apps, and the internationally available call number + 4021 / 308.57.10.

If Internet access is temporarily unavailable, you can do the same range of transactions based on the same subscription and the same identification process that you make on the website through our Contact Center channel (only for OTPdirekt clients, type A and bank card). Your call will be taken over by a specialist operator who will perform the operations based on your consent. The available telephone numbers for contacting the Contact Center are:

0800 88 22 88 (free of charge, available from any fixed or mobile network in Romania)

021/308.57.10 (also available from abroad).

In order to become an OTPdirekt subscriber, it is necessary to:

  • be an OTP Bank client,
  • sign an OTPdirekt contract.

The form is available in all OTP Bank branches in the country.

Depending on the chosen OTPdirekt contract type, there may be transaction limits of LEI 50,000 or EUR 10,000 per transaction, or there may be no transaction limits.

If access was locked by entering the 3-digit access code incorrectly, please contact us at 0800 88 22 88 (free of charge from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or at +4021 308 57 10 (Monday to Friday 8:30 - 21:00, also from abroad). In addition, in the Internet Banking interface, the client benefits from the ability to set security questions so that unlocking of the access code can also be made online.

A necessary condition for running the Internet Banking Application is to enable JavaScript in your browser. To verify / enable this option, make the settings according to the used browser:

  • Internet Explorer – Tools/Internet options/Security (tab)/ Custom level/ Scripting – Active/Scripting: Enable.
  • Mozilla and Netscape – Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Scripts&Plug-ins/Enable JavaScript for Navigator.
  • Opera - Tools / Preferences / Multimedia / Enable JavaScript.

For SmartBank service, the phone's operating system needs at least Android 5.1 or iOS 4.

Communication between your workstation and your bank is made on an encrypted channel using the 128-bit SSL standard.

The browsers that are certified by the Internet Banking Application are:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Netscape 7.0
  • Opera 7.0

The optimal screen resolution is at least 1024 x 768 pixels with a colour depth of at least 16 bits.

You can use the OTPdirekt service to make transactions via Internet Banking or SmartBank even on weekends, processing taking place on the first bank business day. For more details, see the „Accepting programme and maximum time line for executing operations” for Internet Banking by going to the „Useful Tools” section after login.

If you want to use this service, refer to the:

or call us at 0800 88 22 88 (free of charge from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or at +4021 308 57 10 (also available from abroad).

If you have a debit card attached to that account, your balance can be found free of charge either on the www.otpbank.ro website or by calling 0800 88 22 88 (free of charge from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) +4021 308 57 10 (also available from abroad), being necessary the last 10 digits of the card number and a 3-digit access code. You can also activate your Push Notifications / SMS Alerts service and you will always be aware of your account status.

In order to obtain the supporting document following operations made through the OTPdirekt channels, it is possible to verify the transactions in the account statement available in OTPdirekt - Internet Banking, the Statements and Proof of Payments menu. For payments in foreign currency, there is a requirement for the client to bring the Foreign Payment Order / Payment Request within 10 days, in duplicate. One of the copies, with the signature of the bank employee and the bank stamp, remains with the client and the other with the branch.

In order to use it, you do not need to install a program on your personal computer. It is enough to enter OTP Bank's website, www.otpbank.ro, and follow the identification steps. The physical token device is used by pressing the button on its front, automatically generating the related unique code; in the case of the virtual token, the unique code is transmitted by SMS to the mobile phone number specified when signing the OTPdirekt contract.

With this service you have access to three channels of use: Contact Center, Internet Banking and SmartBank. Through Contact Center and Internet Banking, you will have access to all your current accounts in lei and foreign currency, savings accounts, deposits, related credit card accounts, information regarding ongoing loans with OTP Bank. With SmartBank, you can access your current accounts in lei or foreign currency, deposits, or information regarding savings account balance.

To verify if the payment has been made, on the main screen, if that payment is one of the last 10 transactions made, or in the Accounts - Operations History menu.

Is the due date of the telephone bill approaching and the time is too short to go pay it? Everything is simpler when you can rely on a trust service. All you need to do is access the OTPdirekt - Internet Banking App Operations menu. Choose Domestic Payments / Transfers and from the drop-down list of Choose beneficiary select Payment Telekom Romania Communications S.A.

Fill in the fields as follows:

Amount: The amount to pay on the invoice;

Payment order number: The number that the payment order has been allocated to you for the payment of the invoice;

First name and last name of the invoice holder: First name and last name of Telekom Romania Communications S.A. subscriber for which the invoice was issued;

Invoice telephone number: Invoice Holder's telephone number (preceded by the prefix);

Invoicing code (Subscriber code): Invoice code entered on invoice.

Object of payment:

  • If the payment is related to the current invoice, then select the option Invoice;
  • If the payment is the installation fee for the service, then select the Install fee option;
  • If the payment is due to the termination of the contract with Telekom Romania Communications S.A., then select the Finall account option;
  • If you wish to make a payment to Telekom Romania Communications S.A. before issue of the current invoice, then select the Prepayment option;

Due date: Due date entered on invoice.

The payment schedule provides detailed information about the amount of the fees, the rescheduled fees, the rescheduled interest due to the bank according to the loan contract. This information can be found in the document generated by pressing the Generate Payment Schedule button. Downloading the Payment Schedule can only be done from OTPdirekt - Internet Banking.