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The dream you have pursued for years

but have always postponed for lack of funds can finally come true.


Access a personal loan with mortgage and even your biggest plans can finally be put into motion. You can receive a much higher amount than in the case of a personal loan without mortgage, and finally make your dreams come true.


What are your advantages?

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Without income statement – income information will be obtained following ANAF verification;

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You can apply together with maximum 3 co-debtors in order to receive a higher amount;

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The security is represented by a house;

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The mortgaged real estate can be owned by you or another person;

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There is a wide range of eligible income (salary, pension, income from independent activities, copyrights, annuities, dividends, income from rent, income gained abroad, etc.);

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Equal or decreasing monthly instalments, consisting of principal and interest;

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You may request maximum 75% from the valuated value of the mortgaged real estate on minimum 6 months and maximum 60 months;

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You can access minimum 4.200 RON and maximum 840.000 RON.


How can you access a personal loan with mortgage from OTP Bank?

Are you younger than 65 years at the date of the full reimbursement of the personal loan with mortgage without mandatory life insurance or 70 years old at the date of the full reimbursement of the loan with mandatory life insurance concluded for the entire loan period?


Then come to any OTP Bank branch to discuss about the best option for a personal loan with mortgage.


See all eligibility criteria here and all documents required here.


Find out more about guarantees:

The guarantees can be:

  • Superior rank mortgage on the property set up as guarantee; an inferior rank mortgage can also be accepted during the loan period, provided the superior rank mortgage is still in the favour of OTP Bank Romania SA;
  • Mandatory property insurance policy (PAD) and facultative insurance policy, both assigned in favor of OTP Bank Romania SA;
  • Insurance policy covering death from any cause risk (if the case), assigned in favor of OTP Bank Romania S.A.
  • Mortgage on all credit balances of current accounts;

Eligibility criteria

The personal loan with mortgage from OTP Bank is available for:

  • Romanian citizens, residents or non-residents in Romania;
  • foreign citizens residents in Romania;
  • clients applying individually or together with maximum 3 co-debtors (necessary to improve reimbursement capacity).


Seniority at the current workplace:

  • minimum 3 months;
  • at least 12 months of activity as registered sole trader (PFA).


Total seniority:

  • the last 12 months, without interruptions of more than 31 days - in case the seniority at the current employer is greater than 6 months.
  • at least 12 months of activity as registered sole trader (PFA).

Eligible income:

  • Salary;
  • Income from fees cashed in besides the salary*;
  • Income from administration contracts*;
  • Income from management or auditor bonuses;
  • Monthly pay, allowances, benefits, food allowance and other permanent rights;
  • Food vouchers*;
  • Maternity grants*;
  • Commercial income (e.g.: service provision, other than liberal professions);
  • Income from agent/representation/brokerage agreements / civil agreements/conventions*;
  • Income from liberal professions;
  • Income from copyright or intellectual rights;
  • Income from pensions received in Romania/abroad;
  • Income from life annuities;
  • Salary gained by Romanian citizens working abroad*;
  • Income obtained by navigators based on navigation contracts*;
  • Income obtained abroad*;
  • Income from dividends*;
  • Income from real estate renting.

* accepted only as secondary income.


Required documents:

  • Identity card (original);
  • Inquiry agreement for income verifications at ANAF* AND/OR Income statement;
  • Loan application (original, standard bank form) which includes:
  • Statement on payment obligations, litigations with third parties and group relations;
  • CRB (Credit Risk Bureau) inquiry approval;
  • Credit Bureau inquiry approval.
  • Supporting documents for cashed in income.;

* in case of clients for which the income is not reported at ANAF, additional documents are needed (e.g.: employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, Gendarmerie, etc.).


The bank reserves the right to request additional documents, as the case may be..


We inform you

We inform you:

  • About the possibility of increasing the due amounts, in case of interest rate risk materialization for loans with variable interest rate;
  • That your payment capacity may be affected by your incomes fluctuation.


Interest rate types available

Interest rate is variable and is changing quarterly considering the consumer credit reference index (IRCC).


Property insurance policies

Mandatory insurance policy (PAD) and facultative insurance policy can be signed with every authorized insurance society.


Property valuation report

Valuation property report can be drawn up by any authorized Valuer, member of National Association of Authorized Valuers’ from Romania.

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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Interest Credits taxes and fees Values of the reference indicators for loans granted before 31.12.2013

Values of the reference indicators for loans granted by Banca Millennium S.A. until 31.10.2015


See below a calculation example for the OTP personal loan with mortgage.



Representative example Personal loan with mortgage in RON


In case of an average loan amount of RON 136.000, for 60 months, interest rate of 7,46% (variable interest rate): annual effective interest amounts is 7,80%, the monthly installment is RON 2.723 (repayment method through equal monthly installments), the total cost of the loan is RON 27.655, the paid amount RON 163.655.


The following costs are not known by the creditor and as a consequence are not included in annual effective interest: notary fees, authentication fees of mortgage contract, registration fee for AEGRM, property valuation fee and the costs with insurance policies. These fees will be paid to the respective service provider according to the tariff charged by the service provider.



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