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If you are under 65 years old

and have a minimum income equal to the national minimum wage, you can apply for an overdraft attached to your current account from OTP Bank. The overdraft option gives you the possibility of receiving up to 6 salaries (maximum RON 20,000 or equivalent).


From now on, you will never run out of money again or miss any opportunities!


Discover all the facilities of an overdraft.




What are your advantages?

otp bank

Without income statement – income information will be obtained following ANAF verification;

otp bank

You have access to all the overdraft funds at any moment, through your current account, debit card or OTPdirekt;

otp bank

You do not have to justify how you use the money;

otp bank

Monthly reimbursement only of the interest for the used amount;

otp bank

Profitable interest;

otp bank

No additional guarantees;

You can control your transactions by:

One of the components of the OTPdirekt service:

  • Push/SMS Alerts – on your mobile phone, when you make a transaction;
  • Internet Banking – from a computer with Internet connection;
  • Call Center – from a fixed or mobile phone.


Or through the monthly account statement which you will receive at your home/correspondence address (the fee for the monthly account statement received at your home/correspondence address is RON 3/month).



How can you access an overdraft from OTP Bank?

Visit any OTP Bank branch and we will find together the best solution for your needs.


See all eligibility criteria here and all documents required here.


Find out more about overdraft:

  • Maximum limit: maximum 6 net monthly salaries, for clients whose employers have signed a salary transfer agreement with the bank; maximum 6 net monthly salaries, for clients which currently have a mortgage loan; maximum 3 net monthly salaries for clients which do not fulfil any of the above mentioned requirements;
  • The duration of an overdraft is 12 months as of the signing date, with the possibility of automatic renewal upon maturity;
  • Monthly reimbursements, consisting of the interest. The principal will be reimbursed in a single instalment, at the end of the period.

Eligibility criteria

The overdraft from OTP Bank is available for:

  • Romanian citizens, residents or non-residents in Romania;
  • foreign citizens residents in Romania;


Net monthly income: at least equal with the national minimum wage*.

*calculated according to OTP Bank standards


Seniority at the current workplace:

  • Minimum 1 month if there is a salary transfer agreement (except for the trial period);
  • Minimum 3 months if there is no salary transfer agreement


Eligible income: Salary.


Required documents:

  • Identity card (original);
  • Supporting documents for cashed in income;
  • Inquiry agreement for income verifications at ANAF* AND/OR Income statement;
  • Loan application (original, standard bank form) which includes:
  • Statement on payment obligations, litigations with third parties and group relations; CRB (Credit Risk Bureau) inquiry approval; Credit Bureau inquiry approval.

* in case of clients for which the income is not reported at ANAF, additional documents are needed (e.g.: employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, Gendarmerie, etc.).


The bank reserves the right to request additional documents, as the case may be.


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