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What are your advantages?

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It only takes 10 minutes to apply and you get your customized offer right away, after reading the information and documents presented in website;

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If you do not want to complete the request right now, you can always come back to the application to continue it ;

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One branch visit for signing documents and receiving money if the information introduced in the ONLINE application are completed and are according to the verifications;

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You receive the credit documentation in advance.

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Without income statement;

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You can borrow any amount between RON 2,000 and 44,000;

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You can refinance your existing credits at a profitable price;

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Reimbursement period: between 6 months and 60 months (5 years);

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0% monthly loan administration fee.


How can you access an Personal Loan with ONLINE pre-approval from OTP Bank?

1. Access the Personal Loan application with ONLINE prea-approval available through the https://www.otpdirekt.ro/credit-de-oriunde/#/landing platform and performs the preliminary credit simulation (select the desired amount and the credit period).


2. Enter and validate your mobile phone number;


3. Register in the platform by entering required identification data and ticking agreements;


4. Enter personal information and financial details;


5. Select the preliminary offer submitted by the bank;


6. Select the territorial unit where you want to continue the online personal loan application;


7.View the preliminary offer on the platform or receive it on e-mail.


See all eligibility criteria here .



In addition, you can refinance any type of loan, regardless of the type of guarantee, including credit cards, with 44,000 RON limit.

The refinancing operation is possible both when the refinancing loan is granted by another bank and other creditors (eg mortgage, CAR, IFN, leasing companies, construction companies, developers). For refinancing, in order to complete the personal loan application with online pre-approval you must go in the selected branch with the documents provided in the credit offer that you receive by e-mail .


Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for personal loan application with online pre-approval are:

  • Age is between 23 and 65 years oldand maximum 65 years old on the date of the full reimbursement of the loan;
  • You are resident in Romania;
  • You are not an OTP Bank’s Romania customer;
  • you have at least 12 months total professional experience;
  • You have at least 6 months work experience at the current employer.

The co-debtor is not accepted.


Eligible income

Salary and Food vouchers



The minimum income is 1.500 RON.

If you get income from multiple employers, you can cumulate income as long as at least one of the income is the equivalent of the minimum wage on the economy.

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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Interest Credit taxex and fees



See below a calculation example for the OTP personal loan.

Example personal loan