Mortgage backed loans with monthly prizes

Mortgage backed loans with monthly prizes

Obtain a Mortgage backed Loan from OTP in the period 30.07 – 21.10.2021 and you can win one of the prizes in money by drawing lots:

3 x Prize of 5.000 EUR
          (Lei equivalent)     

9 x Prize of 1.000 EUR
          (Lei equivalent)     

Verify the Campaing Regulation Mortgage backed loans with prizes monthly prizes “To remember us”

Creditable amount

EUR 1.000 – 200.000 (LEI equivalent)

Maximum reimbursement period

30 years

Minimum down payment from


What are the advantages of a Mortgage Loan for acquisition with OTP Bank?

  • The amount that can be borrowed is between 1,000 and 200,000 Euros (equivalent in Lei).

  • The loan repayment period is up to 360 months.

  • The down payment required for the purchase is from at least 15%

  • You can request the refinancing through the loan from OTP of another mortgage loan that you are currently holding at another bank

  • You can apply for a loan without an income certificate if the income can be verified in the ANAF database.

  • You can bring a maximum of 3 co-debtors, to improve the repayment capacity.

  • OTP Bank accepts a wide range of income types, for granting the credit.

  • You can also opt for a Life Insurance or for a Life and Unemployment Insurance, from Groupama, with a monthly premium, which you can attach to the Mortgage Loan so that you and your family can be protected in case of unforeseen situations.

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What are the costs of a mortgage loan for aquisition?

You can choose between variable interest or fixed interest in the first 5 years and then variable.

Variable interest
The annual interest rate is between 3.95% (made up of the IRCC index and the fixed margin 2.7%) and 4.65% (consisting of IRCC index and the fixed margin 3.4%) if you choose to collect the income in your account at OTP Bank.

Fixed interest in the first 5 years and later variable
The annual interest rate is between 4.99% and 5.69% fixed in the first 5 years, then variable (consisting of IRCC + fixed margin between 3.74% and 4.44%), if you choose to collect the income in your account at OTP Bank.
The interest rate is established when the loan is granted based on the amount. Interest rate will be 0.6 percentage points higher if you choose not to collect the income in your account at OTP Bank. You can consult the detailed list of interests here.


  • If the loan will be approved, the analysis commission is 400 lei if you have the LeZero Package, or 800 lei if you do not have the package;
  • 0% monthly credit administration fee;
  • 0% early repayment fee.
  • 0 lei commission for opening and administration of a current account if you have a LeZero package; The complete list of rates and commissions can be consulted here.

Insurance premium (optional)

If you also choose a Life Insurance or a Life and Unemployment Insurance offered by Groupama valid for the entire duration of the loan, the monthly insurance premium is:

  • 0.033% per month, applied to the credit balance, for Life Insurance;
  • 0.050% per month, applied to the credit balance, for Life and Unemployment Insurance (PPI);

The insurance premium is paid monthly together with the credit rate.

Fees charged by third parties

  • The cost for evaluating the guarantee by an evaluator authorized by the National Association of Authorized Evaluators in Romania (ANEVAR), according to the option expressed by you.
  • Fees charged by the National Register of Mobile Advertising (RNPM) for the registration of movable guarantees.
  • The cost of insurance: the compulsory home insurance (PAD), the optional real estate insurance that constitutes the credit guarantee and the life insurance (if you opted for it);
  • Notary fees and fees related to the registration / re-registration / modification / cancellation of real estate guarantees in / from the Land Book, which are established according to the fees charged by notaries public and the Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising;

How to access the Mortgage Loan

Come to any OTP Bank branch in your city to discuss the most advantageous option for you.
Some eligibility criteria to consider:

  • Be over 24 years old at the time of application, but up to 70 years old at the date of the final maturity of the loan. Persons who will be over 65 years of age on the date of the final maturity must present a life insurance valid on the date of signing the credit agreement, assigned in favor of OTP Bank and valid for the entire contractual period.

  • To be a Romanian citizen domiciled / resident in Romania or a foreign citizen resident in Romania;

  • Have a length of service, as an employee of:
    -  Minimum 3 months at the current employer and in the last 12 months total uninterrupted experience or
    -  Minimum 6 months experience with the current employer

    If you have a PFA, you have at least 12 months of activity.
    For the other types of income accepted, described below, seniority is communicated in the Territorial Units and depends on the type of income presented.

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You are one step closer to your dream house. In order to obtain the Mortgage Loan from OTP Bank, the following types of guarantees must be provided:

  • First rank Mortgage on the property set up as guarantee; a subsequent mortgage is accepted temporarily, only in the situation of refinancing another mortgage loan, for which there is a mortgage established in favor of another creditor;

  • Mandatory property insurance policy (PAD) and facultative insurance policy, both assigned in favour of OTP Bank Romania S.A. In case the facultative insurance policy is signed with Groupama Insurance, you benefit both from Self-ascertainment and from Emergency repair services. Details on;

  • Movable Mortgage on all credit balances of current accounts;

  • Insurance policy against death from any cause (if the case), assigned in favour of OTP Bank Romania S.A.

How can you apply for the Loan?

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Installments calculator for mortgage loan

Make a simulation and calculate your monthly installment

from 4500 to 985000 lei
from 6 to 360 months

Kalkuláció eredménye

Monthly installment
Loan value
The total amount reimbursed
Repayment period

What do you have to do to get the Mortgage Loan?

To make things as simple as possible, we have a summary of the steps you need to take in order to apply for a Mortgage Loan. We are at your side at every step and inform you of all the costs needed to be paid, as well as the documents you need in order to meet the eligibility criteria.

The steps we will take together are:

  • 1. Preliminary discussion: We meet and verify the lending conditions, perform a preliminary calculation and inform you relating to the necessary documents. 

  • 2. Credit application: fill in and present the following documents directly in the branch:

    • •   Identity card (original);
    • •   Agreement for consulting the revenues from the ANAF database or Income certificate in case of clients for which the revenues are not reported to ANAF (eg employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, Gendarmerie, etc.)
    • or
    • supporting documents for other types of revenues collected if they cannot be verified in the ANAF database;
    • •   Credit application (original, standardized form of the bank), which includes:
    •     - Declaration on payment obligations, disputes with third parties and group relations;
    •     - Credit Risk Central Consultation Agreement (CRC);
    •     - Credit Bureau consultation agreement;
    • •   Supporting documents regarding the refinancing of the existing mortgage loan (if applicable).
    • •   Documents regarding the building that is the object of the Credit Application:
    •     - Documents proving the property right over the building, such as: deed of sale-purchase, deed of donation, etc.
    •     - Closing of tabulation or Land book extract;
    •     - Pre-sale-purchase contract (if any);

    OTP Bank reserves the right to request additional documents on a case-by-case basis.

  • 3. Obtaining the preliminary answer: we inform you about the financial pre-approval and for the continuation of the process it will be necessary to pay the evaluation fee.

  • 4. Preparation and presentation of the evaluation report: follows the inspection of the building and preparation of the evaluation report by the authorized appraiser, member of the National Association of Authorized Appraisers in Romania.

  • 5. Final approval: what was more difficult has passed! When your application is approved, you are invited to the branch to sign the European Standardized Information Sheet (EFSI). You can already schedule the signing of contracts with the notary and the seller of the property.

  • 6. Signing the contracts: you conclude the real estate insurance policies, you sign the credit, sale-purchase and mortgage contracts and you receive a schedule to follow for the payment of the monthly installments.

  • 7. Granting the loan: after presenting to the bank the conclusion of the tabulation and the extract of the Land Book with the mortgage in favor of OTP Bank, the amount from the credit is transferred to the seller's account opened at OTP Bank (instant transfer) or another bank.

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Details for Life Insurance and Life and Unemployment Insurance

For a more secure future and financial stability, OTP Bank offers you the possibility to add a Life Insurance policy or a Life and Unemployment Policy (PPI) to the Mortgage Loan, having the following main characteristics:

  • The insurance policy can be issued at the time of granting the loan or at any time during the credit period.
  • The validity of the policy starts from the moment of signing the insurance policy, and ends at the final maturity of the loan.
  • The minimum period of the insurance policy is 1 year.

The risks covered by Life Insurance are:


The risks covered by Life and Unemployment Insurance are different, depending on the socio-professional category to which the client belongs (Employees, Freelancers or Pensioners):


Which are the incomes accepted for Mortgage Loan?

In order to obtain your Mortgage Loan, OTP Bank accepts a wide range of incomes:

  • Incomes from salary;
  • Income from management contracts;
  • Monthly pay, indemnities, increments, food allowance and other rights having a continuity nature;
  • Parental allowances;
  • Income from copyright or intellectual property rights;
  • Income from management or censorship benefits;
  • Retirement income from Romania / abroad;
  • Commercial incomes (e.g.: provision of services etc., other than the liberal professions);
  • Income from life annuities;
  • Income obtained by navigators based on navigation contracts;
  • Income from renting properties;
  • Income from dividends;
  • Income from liberal professions.
  • Income from management contracts;
  • Food vouchers;
  • Salary received by Romanian citizens abroad;
  • Income from agent/representation/brokerage agreements / civil agreements/conventions;
  • Incomes from abroad;
  • Income from fees received besides the salaries;

Calculation model

Exemple reprezentative


The following costs applied by third parties are not known to the creditor and, consequently, are not included in the calculation of the APR: property valuation tax and insurance costs, notary fees and fees for the tabulation of the sale-purchase contract, as well as authentication of the mortgage contract, the fee for the registration of the movable mortgage in RNPM. These will be charged according to the tariff practiced by the respective service provider. 

We would like to inform you that there is a possibility to change, in the sense of the increase, the amounts due, in case of materialization of the interest rate risk, in the situation where the contracted credit has variable interest. At the same time, please keep in mind that the fluctuation of your own income can lead to affecting the possibility of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

To approve the loan, your monthly net salary must be at least 1,500 lei. If you get income from several employers, we will cumulate them as long as at least one of the incomes is the equivalent of the minimum wage in the economy.

Yes, if you are retired and your retirement decision is final or reviewable *, depending on your needs and plans, you can apply for a mortgage.

* In the case of the pension with periodic review, the credit will be granted only for the period equal to the number of months remaining until the expiration of the decision, respecting the minimum duration of the product.

In the case of the loan for the purchase of housing, it is necessary to insure the property for the entire crediting period (optional insurance policy and compulsory PAD policy).

Persons who will be over 65 years of age on the date of the final maturity must present a life insurance valid on the date of signing the credit agreement, assigned in favor of OTP Bank and valid for the entire contractual period.

To pay the installments related to your loan, you can either go to the OTP Bank branches, or make transfers to your current account (from where the amount due at maturity will be withdrawn). If the credit is in a currency other than the one in which the current account was opened, the currency exchange will take place automatically on the due date.

In order to be mortgaged, the home must meet the following criteria:

  • to represent a property for living: house, villa, apartment
  • to be a finished house (tabulated).
  • be free of burdens
  • to be included in the civil circuit
  • be located within the built-up area of a locality
  • not to be damaged, incomplete or in an advanced stage of deterioration

The credit funds granted will be transferred to the seller's account (opened free of charge), and the commission for withdrawing cash from his current account from OTP is set at 0%, for the amounts coming from mortgage loans.

The utility bill is required in order to verify the home address that appears on the identity card. The utility bill does not have to be in the name of the applicant. Instead, the ownership document is accepted.

Work interruptions are the period of time in which you did not have a professional activity. The following, are not considered interruptions: maternity leave, medical leave, military service, study leave, leave for temporary incapacity for work.

Under these conditions, you can apply for a loan for the maximum period remaining until the expiration of the employment contract, in compliance with the minimum duration established for that loan.