Benefit from the treatment you want in case of any medical procedure

Now you can access the healthcare loan from OTP Bank – quick and easy, so that you can always benefit from high-quality medical services. 


There are no compromises when it comes to your health, so visit an OTP Bank branch and find out all about the financing in RON for any medical procedure, based solely on the invoice, at the lowest interest rates and with fast approval, only in a few days. 


What are your advantages?

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Without income statement – income information will be obtained following ANAF verification;

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The maximum borrowed amount can reach RON 21,000;

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No advance payment or guarantor, the loan is granted in a swift and simple manner, only based on the invoice;

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Low costs;

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Easy reimbursement, even in comparison with a credit card;

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Accessible (can also be granted to family members) In case of a complex procedure, the loan can be granted to one of the patient's relatives/in-laws up to the second degree, based on supporting documents;

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The healthcare loan application can be made in association with a co-debtor.


OTP Bank Romania finances any medical procedure (treatments, surgery, dental cosmetics, stem cells sampling, etc.) carried out by private clinics signing an intermediation contract with the bank



In addition, you also benefit from:


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Quick approval, in a few days;

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The credit is granted in RON, so there are no exchange losses;

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No analysis fee;

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We finance the costs of any medical procedure based on the invoice issued by the medical services provider;

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Equal or decreasing monthly instalments, consisting of principal and interest.


How can you access a loan for health from OTP Bank?

If you are under 65 years old at the final loan maturity date, please come to any OTP Bank branch to discuss about the best option for a healthcare loan.


See all eligibility criteria here and all documents required here.


Eligibility criteria

The healthcare loan from OTP Bank is available for:

  • Romanian citizens residing in Romania or foreign citizens residing in Romania (residence certificate valid at least for the loan period) and having their domicile in Romania;
  • clients applying individually or together with a co-debtor (necessary to improve reimbursement capacity);
  • maximum age of 65 years at the final loan maturity date.


Seniority at the current workplace::

  • minimum 3 months - for employees (at the current employer).


Total uninterrupted seniority:

  • minimum 12 months for employees;
  • at least 12 months of activity as registered sole trader (PFA).

Eligible income

OTP Bank accepts a wide range of incomes for granting loans for health.


Primary income:

  • Primary income;
  • Salary;
  • Monthly pay, allowances, benefits, food allowance and other permanent rights;
  • Income from management contracts;
  • Income from copyright or intellectual rights;
  • Income from management or auditor bonuses;
  • Income from pensions received in Romania/abroad;
  • Income from life annuities;
  • Maternity grants;
  • Commercial income (e.g.: service provision ,etc., other than liberal professions);
  • Income from liberal professions;


Secondary income:

  • Food vouchers;
  • Salary earned by Romanian citizens working abroad;
  • Income obtained by navigators based on navigation contracts;
  • Income from administration contracts;
  • Income from fees cashed in besides the salary;

Additional terms for co-debtors:

  • Must be one of the patient's relatives/in-laws up to the second degree.


Required documents:

  • Identity card (original);
  • Certificate of residence (original - as the case may be);
  • Loan application (original, standard bank form);
  • Statement on payment obligations, litigations with third parties and group relations (original, standard bank form);
  • CRB (Credit Risk Bureau) inquiry approval (original, standard bank form);
  • Credit Bureau inquiry approval (original, standard bank form);
  • Utility bill from the residence address or documents proving ownership rights (copy);
  • Pro forma invoice/invoice supporting document issued by the medical services provider, specifying the value of the medical services to be financed;
  • Inquiry agreement for income verifications at ANAF* AND/OR Income statement or supporting documents for cashed in income.

* in case of clients for which the income is not reported at ANAF, additional documents are needed (e.g.: employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, Gendarmerie, etc.).


The bank reserves the right to request additional documents, as the case may be.

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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us and we will answer all your questions. 

Interest Credits taxes and fees Values of the reference indicators for loans granted before 31.12.2013

Values of the reference indicators for loans granted by Banca Millennium S.A. until 31.10.2015


See below a calculation example for the OTP loan for health.


Informative calculation
In case of a loan of RON 10.000, for 4 years, the interest rate is 5.18% (variable interest rate), the monthly management fee is 0.40%, the annual effective interest amounts to 10.45%, the monthly installment is RON 272 (repayment method through equal monthly installments), the total cost of the loan is RON 2.106, the paid amount RON 12.106.


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