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About the Administrator:

NN Investment Partners offers its clients and partners a wide range of investment solutions and services, through asset management for institutional clients, fund distributors and NN entities.


Worldwide, over 3,200 specialists watch over clients' money. NN Investment Partners is organised into regional lines with expertise centers in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

Product offer:

The investment funds distributed by OTP Bank Romania, mentioned below, offer access to both developed and emerging markets, regional and global, representing an alternative to classic investments in RON, EUR and USD.


More details can be found on the NN Investment Partners website, by searching the name or the ISIN code of the fund: https://www.nnip.com/en-INT/non-professional/funds.


NN (L) Asia Income, ISIN: LU0113303043

NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity, ISIN: LU0113311731

NN (L) Emerging Markets High Dividend, ISIN: LU0300634226

NN (L) Euro Fixed Income, ISIN: LU0546918151

NN (L) Euro High Dividend, ISIN: LU0127786860

NN (L) First Class Multi Asset - X Cap EUR, ISIN: LU0809674384

NN (L) First Class Multi Asset - X Cap RON, ISIN: LU1243899686

NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities, ISIN: LU0250170304

NN (L) Global High Dividend, ISIN: LU0146259923

NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity, ISIN: LU0121204431

NN (L) Greater China Equity, ISIN: LU0121204944

NN (L) International Romanian Bond, ISIN: LU0345402175

NN (L) International Romanian Equity, ISIN: LU0345402092

NN (L) Emerging Markets Enhanced Index Sustainable Equity, ISIN: LU0113302664

NN (L) Materials, ISIN: LU0121174006

NN (L) US Enhanced Core Concentrated Equity, ISIN: LU0113305253

NN (L) US Factor Credit, ISIN: LU0546914838

NN (L) US High Dividend, ISIN: LU0214495557


Regulatory framework

For more details regarding the regulatory framework of the investment products and services distributed by OTP Bank Romania, please access the MiFID II webpage.

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