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Are you an active person, always on the move and want to stop worrying about cash payments?

The debit cards from OTP Bank are the ideal solution for you! They allow you to make quick payments at any merchant displaying the MasterCard logo. In addition, you can use the debit card for online payments, so that you can spend less time on your debts and more time with your friends or family.





What are your advantages?

otp bank

0% fee for card payments at merchants;

otp bank

zero administration fee in the first year;

otp bank

national and international use;

otp bank

24/7 access to your current account funds;

otp bank

24/7 free balance inquiry, through the OTPdirekt service;

otp bank

accepted at any sale point or ATM displaying the MasterCard logo, almost anywhere in the world;

otp bank

automatic currency conversion at the moment of the transaction, no additional fees.

otp bank

the possibility of free enrolment into the “MasterCard Rewards” programme.

How can you open a current account with OTP Bank?

Attach a debit card to any savings account opened at OTP Bank. Visit the nearest OTP Bank branch in your area.


Are you an employee or are you already enjoying a peaceful retirement?

The OTP debit card has special advantages for employees or retirees. See below the most important benefits you can enjoy.


Advantages for retirees

Receive your monthly pension at OTP Bank Romania and you will benefit from:

  • a card without issuing or administration fee;
  • zero fee for withdrawals from OTP Bank ATMs;
  • two monthly free withdrawals from ATMs of any bank from Romania;
  • higher than standard interest rate for any deposit set up with us, by presenting the last pension coupon at any OTP Bank branch;
  • preferential conditions for personal loans.
  • the possibility of free enrolment into the “MasterCard Rewards” programme



Advantages for employees

Receive your monthly salary at OTP Bank Romania and benefit from:

  • free debit card;
  • 0 issuing or administration fee in the with OTP STABIL/PRAGMATIC/PRESTIGE structure;
  • preferential conditions for credit and savings products offered by the bank;
  • the possibility of free enrolment into the “MasterCard Rewards” programme.


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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

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OTP Bank Romania S.A. contributes to the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System and starting with 30.12.2010 the guaranteed limit for deposits was increased by the Fund at the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 for each account holder. The notion of deposits includes: certificate of deposit, term deposit, current account, Junior account and savings account.