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Let your imagination fly and find the coolest customised card!

Do you have a favourite image, photo of your family or friends or do you like to draw? Then create your own OTP photo card and be unique!


With the OTP photo card you have the freedom to choose any design you want and express your creativity.


If you have no ideas, use our interactive application and choose an image from the gallery.





What are your advantages?

otp bank

You can customise your MasterCard debit and credit cards;

otp bank

You can make payments and cash withdrawals in Romania and anywhere in the world;

otp bank

You can make reservations, pay invoices, check your accounts;

otp bank

You can make completely safe online purchases, due to the "3D Secure" system;

otp bank

ZERO fees for all payments made with the card.


How can you get your own OTP Bank customised card?

1. Upload your own photo or choose one of the images in the gallery and enter your personal data here.

2. Go to the nearest OTP Bank branch, apply for the issue of your photo card and pay the issuing fee.


Do you want more


OTP Bank Romania S.A. contributes to the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System and starting with 30.12.2010 the guaranteed limit for deposits was increased by the Fund at the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 for each account holder. The notion of deposits includes: certificate of deposit, term deposit, current account, Junior account and savings account