Debit cards


Our debit cards are an efficient and secure way to manage your money. You can use any of our cards to perform payments at merchants and withdraw money from ATMs in Romania and abroad. Getting an OTP Bank debit card is quick and easy. Choose the option that suits you best from the below list and ask for more information!

Mastercard Standard


Quick and easy to pay at any location displaying the Mastercard logo at home and abroad.

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Mastercard GOLD


Choose the card with exclusive benefits and free access to Business Lounges.

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Mastercard PLATINUM


It gives you privileges to match your lifestyle. Get access to amazing premium experiences now with the Privilege Banking package.

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Junior Plus Card


Are you between 14 and 18 years old? Then tell your parents about the Junior Plus Debit Card for teenagers.

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Junior Max Card


Are you between 15 and 25 years old? Get your Junior Max Debit Card to enjoy more freedom and mobility.

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Salary photo card


The OTP Bank photo card gives you the freedom to choose any design you want to express your creativity.

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Sapientia University card


Issued in collaboration with the prestigious institution, it benefits students and teachers.

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Useful information

Frequently asked questions

A debit card is a payment instrument that allows the cardholder to use only his/her own money in a current or savings account to make payments to merchants and withdraw money from ATMs in Romania and abroad.

Any individual customer with a package, current account or savings account.

You have two options through which you can authorize online payments: biometric authentication (digital fingerprint or facial recognition) via SmartBank app or two factor authentication (static dynamic 3D Secure password). Details here.

In case you have forgotten your static passwords please contact ROMCARD SA. On the following phone number 021.402.0029 or you can contact the customer support center of OTP Bank on the following numbers: 0800 88 22 88, or + 4021 308 57 10 which can be called from abroad.
Once your static passwords has been reset it will be set to its original value, the last 6 digits of your CNP number. 

Then, for added security, you will need to change your initial static password to a new 6-digit password known only to you. For future online transactions you will use the static password you set in this step.

Yes, you can request the issuing of maximum 3 additional debit cards that access the same account.

If you use the card in another currency, depending on the currency in which it is issued, a currency conversion is made as follows:
a.    For transactions made in the currency of the account, the Bank will debit from the account the amount of transactions made in the currency of the account;
b.    For transactions made in Romania in currency other than the currency of the account, the Bank will debit the account using LEI as the reference currency. The currency exchange will be made at the rate displayed on the Bank’s website and territorial branches;
c.    For transactions made abroad with the Card, the Bank will debit the account using EUR as reference currency, as follows:
       i.    The currency exchange between the currency in which the transaction is made and the EUR reference currency is made by the International Mastercard / VISA Card Organization at its rate or from the Settlement Date;
       ii.    For debiting the LEI account, the Bank uses the Bank's Reference Exchange rate from the transaction settlement day, published on the Bank's website.

Yes. If you wish to use the card issued by OTP Bank Romania at OTP Group ATMs abroad, you will be charged a cash withdrawal fee of only 3.5 LEI/ EUR 1 per transaction.
OTP Group member banks in Europe can be located in countries such as: Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Russia.

Yes, you can make payments with your card once you have selected "Internet payments" upon requesting the card, later via OTPdirekt or at the branch.

Transaction limits are daily or monthly limits set for your card or subcard issued to your account. They have default values when issued, but can be changed on request, via OTPdirekt, call in the Contact Center or via any branch.

Yes, you can also use your card issued in lei or euro abroad for payments at merchants and cash withdrawals. In this case, you will receive the currency of the country you are in. We recommend that you check the fees and charges here

People who are under the age of 18 can get a Junior Plus debit card attached to a Junior Plus account. In order to apply for this card, it is necessary for the applicant to go with their parents to an OTP Bank branch and with the ID card.

If you are no longer in possession of your card, you need to block the access to your account amounts. You can do this directly via  OTPdirekt in the SmartBank application or by calling 0800 88 22 88 (free from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or +40 21 308 57 11 (also available from abroad).

Cauți un card de cumpărături?

Cardurile de cumpărături te ajută să îți pui planurile în aplicare și îți fac viata mai ușoară atunci când ai mai mare nevoie.

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