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Information regarding current account with basic payment features (RON)

In accordance with the dispositions of the Law all consumers have the right to choose between any payment accounts and a payment account with basic payment features as was defined by Art.48 of the 258/2017 Law regarding the comparability of the fees/commissions related to the payment accounts.

The access to a payment account with basic payment features is not conditioned by acquiring any other products/services.


Financially vulnerable consumers - a consumer having a monthly income (or, during the last 6 months) lower than the equivalent of 60% of the national average gross wage as forecasted each year by the National Institute of Prognosis for the following year .


Non-vulnerable consumer - consumers that do not fall in the above mentioned category .


Payment account - an account held in the name of one or more consumers which is used for the execution of payment transactions.


Payment account with basic payment features – account held in the name of one or more consumers with the following payment services:

  • opening, monthly administration and closing the payment account;
  • cash deposits;
  • card withdrawals or cash withdrawals at the counter in EU ;
  • services that allow cash withdrawals across the European Union from a counter-cash or ATM machine during or outside the hours of the credit institution;
  • following payment tranzactions in EU:
          - direct debit;
          - payment tranzactions throug a payment card (including online payments);
          - credit transfer, including standing orders, if the case, throughout banking terminals, branches and banking online services .

General rules

This product may be offered to consumers which meet the following criteria:

  • do not own (at the moment of the request) another payment account, including a payment account with basic payment features at any other credit institution in Romania, excepting the case when the Bank had notified the account closure to the client;
  • reside legally in the European Union

The payment account with basic payment features will be opened only in RON.

According to the 258/2017 Law, the Bank is entitled to accept or reject the request for opening a payment account in maximum 10 working days from receiving the complete request;

Fees and commissions

The List of Fees and Comissions applicable is available here

Complaints settlement procedure

In case the solution offered was not satisfactory please let us know by using one of the following communication channels:

  • Phone: 0800 88 22 88 –free for Telekom network , monday-Friday between 8:30-21:00
  • + 4021 308 57 10
  • E-mail: office@otpbank.ro
  • Contact form -available on the website
  • Contact a competent authority or an alternative dispute resolution mechanism (ANPC - National Authority for Consumer Protection, CSALB - Alternative Dispute Resolution Center in the banking system, ANSPDCP - National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, BNR - National Bank of Romania, etc.)

Your detailed guide to filing a complaint is available here.