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A successful person needs and deserves

a credit card to match his/her lifestyle. The VISA Gold credit card from OTP Bank offers you a series of premium advantages, a superior credit limit, alongside elegance and sophistication. 



What are your advantages?

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up to RON 50,000, anywhere and anytime;

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0% interest for an extended grace period of up to 55 days for merchant payments;

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zero administration fee in the first year;

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medical travel insurance for abroad, included, valid through the period of validity of the card. You are insured for up to EUR 30 000*;

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accepted in millions of locations displaying the VISA logo, almost anywhere in the world;

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national and international use.

*As it is mentioned in the insurance conditions.

How can you get a VISA Gold credit card from OTP Bank? 

Come to any OTP Bank branch with your ID and fill in a credit card application.

The Income statement is required only if you have not completed 6 months with your current employer.

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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us and we will answer all your questions. 

Taxes and Fees Income statement 


For credit card information, you can call HelpDesk at the phone number (+4021) 308 57 10. Out of the working hours (Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 21:00), calls will be automatically taken over by a specialized operator.


The annual effective interest of 37.37% p.y. was calculated on the assumption that the amount of 5.367 RON was granted for two years, used immediately at the beginning of the contract and repaid in 24 equal monthly payments, considering the applied annual interest rate of 29%, fixed rate.


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