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With an installment credit card you can buy

AYTHING, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! Perfect for online purchases or POS payments, anywhere in the world, the credit card with 6 monthly instalments without interest is the ideal partner for your shopping adventures.


0% fee for transactions carried out at any POS or online shop displaying the MasterCard or Visa logo.



What are your advantages? 

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6 monthly instalments, no interest rate;

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Quick issue procedure, no later than 4 days after submission of the complete and accurate documentation;

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You can pay in installments for anything you want, including online purchases or utility bills;

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You can use the card anywhere in Romania or abroad.

Where can you make purchases? 

Virtually anywhere, from millions of locations which accept MasterCard or Visa cards, in the country, abroad or online (e-commerce).


How do you pay?

Whether you pay for your everyday purchases, major purchases or utility bills, the OTP Bank instalment credit card allows you to pay EVERYTHING in six instalments, without interest.


You can get a credit limit of up to RON 15,000.


How do you reimburse the money?

Use your credit card to pay for anything you want, reimburse the full amount of the monthly installments by the 25th of every month and you will benefit from the 0% interest rate. 


The credit card limit is revolving, as the reimbursed amounts will be once again available in your account.


How can you get an instalment credit card from OTP Bank? 

Come to any OTP Bank branch with your ID and fill in a credit card application.

The Income statement is required only if you have not completed 6 months with your current employer.


How can you best use your instalment credit card?

For more control, you can activate a series of SMS alerts, to receive real-time information about your account or transactions.

You will receive a free SMS once the current account statement is issued, informing you of the minimum amount to be paid. Three days before maturity, you will receive another free SMS, to make sure that you pay the outstanding amounts in due time. This way, you can focus on the more important things in your life.


Safe purchases and payments!

With the help of the 3DSecure technology, we are offering you the free opportunity of making completely safe online purchases. Therefore, you can also enjoy safety in the virtual environment.

You get SMS alerts every time your card is used for payments at merchants, cash withdrawals, but also when you enter your PIN incorrectly or have insufficient funds.

The notification includes detailed information on the time, location, amount used and balance available after the transaction.

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Do you want more

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us and we will answer all your questions. 

Taxes and Fees Income statement


For credit card information, you can call HelpDesk at the phone number (+4021) 308 57 10. Out of the working hours (Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 21:00), calls will be automatically taken over by a specialized operator.

The annual effective interest of 37.37% p.y. was calculated on the assumption that the amount of 5.367 RON was granted for two years, used immediately at the beginning of the contract and repaid in 24 equal monthly payments, considering the applied annual interest rate of 29%, fixed rate.


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