We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.

Bank cards

Mastercard OTP


You pay quickly, to any merchant who displays the Mastercard logo. The debit card gives you the opportunity to make online payments so you spend less time with your debts and more with your friends or family.

  • Zero card usage fee for merchants
  • No administration fee in the first year
  • You can use your card anywhere in Romania or abroad
  • Automatic currency conversion during transaction, no additional fees
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Salary photo card

The salary photo card from OTP Bank offers you the freedom to choose your design and to express your creativity.
  • You can customize both your debit card and your Mastercard
  • You can make payments and cash withdrawals in Romania and abroad
  • Online shopping using security standards ”3D Secure”
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Junior Plus Card

Are you between 8 and 18 years old? Do you own a Junior Start/Junior Plus account opened by your parents at OTP Bank? Then tell them about the card for teenagers.

Junior Plus card can be requested in any OTP Bank branch, if you already have a Junior Start/Junior Plus savings account.

Just like that, adolescence becomes more beautiful, and you can enjoy the freedom that you deserve.

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Junior Max Card

Are you between 18 and 25 years old? Do you own a Junior Max account opened at OTP Bank? Then obtain also a Junior Max card so that you can enjoy more freedom and mobility.

Junior Max card can be requested in any OTP Bank branch, if you already have a Junior Max savings account.

Just like that, you can live your youth without having to worry about cash money. Be free, be yourself, and enjoy life!
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Sapientia University card

Sapientia University card was made in collaboration with the prestigious institution and it represents a great help for both the students and the professors for more freedom and security.
  • For students, the card is issued alongside with the Junior account, a savings account with advantageous interest
  • Zero administration fee
  • National and international usage
  • Available in LEI
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Mastercard Gold

The debit card that gives you a world of exclusive benefits.
  • You can use the card in any location that displays Mastercard logo in Romania and abroad;

  • Zero card usage fee at merchants;

  • Pay more relaxed with your mobile phone through Google Pay app for Android phones or through Apple Pay for Apple devices;

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Mastercard Platinum

The Mastercard Platinum debit card offers you privileges tailored to your lifestyle. Get access to surprising premium experiences now through the Privilege Banking package.

  • ZERO fee

  • FREE PREMIUM travel insurance

  • FREE access to the Mastercard Business Lounge

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Mastercard Dual

Credit Card in 12 installments

The shopping card in 12 instalments brings you more benefits than you had ever imagined. Try it one year for free.
  • 12 instalments without interest anywhere in the world
  • Zero costs
  • An interest of 9.9%
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Mastercard Compas - MOL

Credit Card in 12 installments

Get your Compas OTP Bank – MOL card and receive twice as many points. Multibonuses for each pay using the card in MOL gas stations from Romania.
  • 12 instalments without interest anywhere in the world
  • Zero costs
  • Twice as many multibonus points
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Credit Card in Installments without interest

It is ideal for online shopping or POS payments anywhere in the world, the card in 6 instalments without interest is the perfect partner for your shopping adventures.
  • Fast issuing, 4 days at most from the deposition of the complete and correct documentation
  • You can pay in instalments anything, including online shopping or utilities bills
  • You can use the card anywhere in Romania or abroad
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VISA Clasic Transparent and Mastercard Standard

Choose a VISA Clasic Transparent or Mastercard Standard credit card and take advantage of the benefits offered by OTP Bank.
  • Zero card usage fee for merchants in Romania and abroad
  • You have instant access to your money, anytime and anywhere
  • No administration fee in the first year
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VISA Gold Credit Card

Take advantage of the premiums offered by the VISA Gold Card and a superior credit limit. In addition, you enjoy elegance and refinement in financing your ideas.
  • National and international usage
  • You automatically benefit from travel insurance abroad for the duration of the card validity
  • You get up to 50.000 lei, anywhere, anytime
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Mastercard Platinum credit card


You have access to a credit limit of up to 100,000 lei that we will decide based on your needs and income.

  • We have created a unique and exclusive product for you with a credit line of up to 100.000 that you can use anytime and anyway you want
  • You benefit from additional financial resources when you need them
  • You have a zero fee to merchants, anywhere in the world
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Informații utile

3D Secure technology

3DSecure service belongs to the current technology and is developed by the International VISA and Mastercard Card Organizations to be available to OTP Bank card holders.
  • Increased security and comfort when conducting transactions in the virtual environment
  • There is no extra charge for accessing this service
  • Entering an extensive market of 3DSecure merchants, quality users
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Your digital card

How many times have you left your physical card at home and couldn’t get your work done? Luckily, you no longer need to answer that. Especially now that you have a “Digital Card” available in SmartBank and OTPdirekt.

  • All your physical card data (card number, expiry date, CVC/CVV code) is available to you  anywhere, anytime

  • Pay online or at any physical store with POS and withdraw cash from our contactless ATMs

  • Easy access to your digital card. You only have a few simple steps to follow

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