LeZero Package - Student offer

LeZero Package - Student offer

You have ZERO worries when choosing the package that suits you.

What does the LeZero Package - Student offer contain?

Current account in lei
In addition, you can open any other accounts you want, in lei and foreign currency;

Debit Card in lei
You can choose between Mastercard Standard and Mastercard Flat;

OTPdirekt and SMS Alerts
You have internet banking & mobile banking and we announce you when you receive money or make payments.

What are the advantages of LeZero Package - Student offer?

  • ZERO commission on current accounts, which means you do not pay administration fee;

  • ZERO debit card costs, which means you do not pay the card issuing commission nor the administration fees;

  • ZERO costs for cash withdrawals from any ATM in Romania, unlimited;

  • ZERO costs for 2 (two) cash withdrawals per month from ATM abroad;

  • ZERO administration costs with the applications included in OTPdirekt;

  • ZERO commission for processing intra-bank and interbank lei payments to any bank in Romania, unlimited, through OTPdirekt;

  • ZERO costs with SMS alerts, which means you do not pay for the administration of the service and you do not have costs with the received SMS.

  • All this as long as you have the LeZero Package - Student offer.

In addition, you receive:

  • If you open an account * at OTP Bank and purchase the LeZero - Student offer package between 02.07.2020 - 31.12.2020 you will receive a monthly bonus of 10% cash back from the amount of transactions made with the Mastercard debit card, maximum 50 lei net per month, and up to 600 lei per year. Learn more about the campaign.

  • ZERO commission for file analysis for Personal Loan;

  • 50% discount on mortgage loan file analysis fee, in accordance with the regulations in force related to the lending products;

  • A better interest rate for cash loan/ mortgage loan if you transfer your monthly income in the opened account at OTP Bank

  • *you do not have and have never held a current account at OTP Bank Romania on / until the start date of this promotional offer.

  • If you choose to apply for OTP Bank loans.

Price package LeZero addressed to students

  • The monthly price of the package is 12 lei. If you have monthly incomings of 1,200 lei* in any account opened at OTP Bank and make at least one payment per month with the debit card held in the package or through the OTPdirekt service, then the price is ZERO lei

  • * Until July 3, 2023, the condition of monthly incomings of at least 1200 Lei, is suspended. 

    The offer is addressed to students who become OTP Bank customers between September 15 -November 30, 2020.

    Come to the OTP Bank branches and receive specialized advice in choosing a lightweight package for you and to find out the partner locations

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Frequently asked questions

The code for foreign currency transfers to an account opened with OTP Bank is OTPV RO BU XXX.

The account overdraft offers the possibility of obtaining a credit on the account (LEI, EUR) of up to 6 monthly net incomes, the monthly reimbursement representing only interest on the amount used.

Yes, you can receive your pension in your OTP Bank account and we offer you a number of benefits for other purchased banking products and services.

If you want to receive your salary in your OTP Bank account, you can request an account overdraft feature, where you can receive up to 6 monthly net incomes as the credit limit. You can also request a free MasterCard debit card that gives you access to the amounts in your account. In addition, OTP Bank also offers advantages in obtaining EUR mortgage loans (interest rate cuts during the period of transfer of income).

Opening, managing and closing a current account with OTP Bank is free of charge, and in order to do this you need to come to any branch with a valid Identity Card.

The funds in your account can also be accessed by the appointed signatories on that account. These mandates are set by you by presenting yourself to the branch with the authorized person.

In order to receive information about transactions made in your OTP Bank account, you need to request receipt of the account statement at your home address. You can make this request in the branch from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00.

There is no minimum monthly amount you need to keep in your account.

Yes, you can attach a Master Card debit card to your account in LEI or EUR. It is issued free of charge and can be used both in the country, as well as abroad.

Your account, regardless of the branch with which you originally collaborated and regardless of the currency in which it was opened, can be accessed at any branch of OTP Bank Romania.

The International Bank Account Number or IBAN is an account number structured according to ECBS standards (European Committee for Banking Standards), its purpose being to facilitate automatic processing for international transfers. This code has 24 characters in Romania.

It is advisable to use such a transfer for foreign currency amounts when the person who receives the money has an account with OTP Bank in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Montenegro or Bulgaria.

There are several ways to find out the balance of an account opened with OTP Bank Romania:

• by coming to one of the branches of OTP Bank, with the valid Identity Card;

• if you own a debit card attached to that account, the balance can be found out free of charge on the webpage www.otpbank.ro or by phone at 0800 88 22 88 (free of charge from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or at + 4021 308 57 10 (also available from abroad), and you need the last 10 digits of the card number and the 3-digit access code.

Yes, a currency account is required to make the transfer.

When making a transfer from abroad to an OTP Bank Account Holder, the sender needs the following data:

• name of the bank: OTP Bank România S.A.


• the identification data of the beneficiary, OTP Bank account holder (name and surname / company name, address, symbol of the current account in foreign currency)

For people aged up to 26 years we offer specific products such as:

• Junior accounts, with a more advantageous interest for the deposited amounts;

• Junior debit cards, attached to the Junior account, specifically created for young people.

Junior accounts are addressed to young people aged 26 and above as follows:

• Junior Start - for children up to 14 years old

• Junior Plus – for teenagers between 14 and 18 years old

• Junior Max – for students aged up to 26 years old.

The benefit to opening such an account is the advantageous interest rate applicable to this account and the possibility of opting for different currencies: LEI, EUR, USD, HUF. At the same time, young people aged 14 may also request the issue of a Junior card related to this account.

It is a credit facility granted by the bank to each client, which consists in the possibility of withdrawing from the account a higher amount than the existing one. It is also called overdraft.

At OTP Bank Romania S.A., we have always upheld the fairness and transparency of the activities undertaken by our employees and our clients. Therefore, in accordance with the bank's Know Your Client policy, preventing and countering money laundering and terrorist financing, OTP Bank pays particular attention to transfers of funds in foreign currency to / from offshore territories, as well as external collection and payments operations of clients who have their residence / citizenship / registered office or real shareholders / beneficiaries in offshore territories. That is why we ask our customers for commercial documents that justify transactions that are / will be made whenever they deem necessary.

The main purpose is to classify operations of this type in the legal provisions in force and to analyse the conformity with the object of activity / current business activity of the clients.

No business relationship will be initiated, including the opening of the current account, as well as the acceptance and / or execution of any funds / transactions for the natural persons / legal entities with residence / citizenship in the countries listed here, as well as those whose authorized representatives have residence / citizenship in the countries listed here.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 258/2017 regarding Comparability of payment account fees, change of payment accounts and access to payment accounts with basic services, can be found for consultation the Glossary of Standardized Terms, FID-Information Document regarding LEI fees and FID-Information Document regarding EUR fees.