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The growth of your business

requires simple and concrete solutions.


In case you do not have an account opened at OTP Bank Romania, we provide you by accessing the the platform www.otpdirekt.ro/cont-imm-rapid a package of products and services specific to your business, package that comprise:

  • current account;
  • internet banking;
  • debit card;
  • free revenues;
  • plus other benefits.

After answering the few questions online, you can enjoy a range of benefits offered by the Practic Package:

otp bank

All current accounts are free of charge, regardless of the currency and the number of accounts that you want to open;

otp bank

The issuing and administration of the Visa Business debit card is free of charge;

otp bank

The OTPdirekt Service is free of charge for one user;

otp bank

The OTPdirekt – SMS Notifications Service is free of charge during the first 2 months;

otp bank

The intra-bank payment orders in RON through OTPdirekt, the Intra-banking Direct Debit Service and the receipts by transfer are free of charge;

otp bank

10 free of charge transactions for inter-bank payment orders processed through Internet Banking per month (except for ReGIS/SENT fees);

otp bank

3 free of charge cash withdrawals from OTP Bank ATMs per month;

otp bank

50% discount on the standard fee payable for Inter-banking Direct Debit.

otp bank

Online store through Soldigo.



Create online store through Soldigo:

  • 50% discount for Soldigo facility if you choose a number of 699 or 999 products and 6 images/ product. After the first year, you can choose either to pay the entire annual subscription with a 50% discount or to choose for a monthly subscription with a 20% discount.


By accessing online the platform www.otpdirekt.ro/cont-imm-rapid, you can benefit of a package of products and services specifically tailored for your business.