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Are you looking for a pre-financing 

solution to cover current expenses until the receipt of the relevant subsidies?


The loan for pre-financing APIA subsidies under SAPS is intended for the beneficiaries of the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS) who use agricultural lands and are in need of working capital financing in order to conduct their current business until the subsidies from APIA (Agricultural Payments and Interventions Agency) are received.

What advantages does the loan for pre-financing APIA subsidies under SAPS offer you?

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The maximum amount financed is 85% of the amount due under SAPS, including redistributive payment, greening payment and compensatory measures;

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The granting fee may be paid from the loan;

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The interest and principal are paid on maturity;

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We provide counselling for the preparation of the documents necessary to access the loan and a quick response.


What are the guarantees requested by OTP Bank for the loan for pre-financing APIA subsidies under SAPS?

  • Mortgage on the amounts due under SAPS;
  • Mortgage on all current accounts opened at OTP Bank;
  • Surety contract signed by the entrepreneur/representative of the individual enterprise/family-owned business.



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