Domestic / Export Commercial Factoring

Domestic / Export Commercial Factoring

Any growing company or a mature company needs the support of reliable partners. When you need quick financing with no material guarantees, then you can choose the service of Domestic / Export Commercial Factoring. OTP Bank will buy commercial receivables from you, resulted from services or goods delivery towards your partners. Apart from financing a significant percentage from the value of your invoices, we also put at your disposal services for managing, collection, and coverage of non-payment risk of eligible debtors. By accessing the client account for Commercial Factoring OTP, you can request online financing.

Quick access to liquidities

Financing without material guarantees

Decreased dependence on payment terms of customers

What are the advantages of domestic and export factoring?

  • Quick access to liquidities;

  • Financing without material guarantees;

  • Decreased dependence on payment terms of customers;

  • Reduction of administrative costs;

  • Consultancy and specialized assistance;

  • Coverage of non-payment risk of eligible debtors;

  • Specialized receivables collection and management services;

  • Reports and real-time information;

  • The limit is calculated for each approved debtor depending on the turnover realized / estimated with it, the payment term and the seasonality of the business;

  • It is revolving, in lei for domestic factoring and in foreign currency for export; any amount refunded / collected can be used again;

  • It is granted for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of extension for similar periods.


OTP Bank is a member of the international factoring organization Factors Chain International (FCI), so you benefit from the expertise of our correspondents factors (FCI members) regarding the evaluation and also from their support in order to quickly collect the debts issued to external partners.

How to get the advantages of domestic and export factoring?

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