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Short-term cash loan

The loan facility provided by OTP Bank represents a fast and efficient solution for financing the current activity. In order to develop your business is necessary to pay the obligations on time (materials suppliers payments, combustible, energy costs, as well as taxes and tolls, etc.) as well as the financing of stocks and the refinancing of the working capital from other banking institutions, on a structure adapted to the company’s needs. In these cases, the short-term loan can represent the best financing solution.

It ensures the streamlining of payments to the budget or suppliers

It allows the prompt reaction to the selling growth rhythm

It ensures the continuity of current activities

How to get the Short-term Cash Loan?

Call us nationally

Request information from Monday to Friday,
between 08:30-21:00,
at 0800 88 22 88 (free in any network).

Call us internationally

Request information from Monday to Friday,
between 08:30-21:00,
at (+4) 021 308 57 10 (normal price).

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