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The short-term cash loan

is a loan facility designed for: 


  • paying current urgent obligations (supply of raw materials, other materials, fuel, energy, taxes, current fees and other current operations);
  • financing stocks (especially for companies with seasonal activity or a long cycle of manufacture);
  • refinancing working capital loan facilities from other banking institutions (plus any associated fees and interests).


What are the advantages of this product?  

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It ensures the continuity of current business; 

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It streamlines payments to the budget, suppliers, etc.

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It allows you to respond promptly to the growth rate of sales.

How does the short-term cash loan work?

  • This non-revolving facility may be used in one or more instalments consistent with the intended purpose, while the reimbursed amounts may not be used again;
  • The financing period may not exceed 12 months and the loan is reimbursed in instalments or in full upon maturity;
  • The financing may be granted in various currencies, usually consistent with the currency in which the company must make payments.