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Multi-currency, multioption, multiborrower ceilling

Enjoy the advantages of a complex product that adapts perfectly to all the financing needs of the company or its group, regardless of the field of activity. 
The multicurrency, multioption, multiborrower ceilling is the perfect solution which ensures greater flexibility for the business.



Multiborrower ceilling

What are the advantages of multicurrency, multioption, multiborrower ceilling?

  • Multicurrency: the drawdowns can be made in lei or other foreign currencies;

  • Multioption: cash (as overdraft, credit line, short or medium-term cash loan, cash ceilling on cheques, promissory notes and invoices, loan for pre-financing APIA subsidies, agricultural lands aquisition loans, investments loans, general All-purpose loans) or non-cash (issuing letters of guarantee, letters of credit, endorsing cheques);

  • Multiborrower: the drawdown from the ceilling may be carried out by any of the members of the group, signatories to the loan agreement, depending on their financing needs;

  • Significant reduction of the expenses: the guarantees package is set for the entire ceilling, there is no need for renewal for each use;

How to get the multicurrency, multiborrower, multioption ceilling?

Call us nationally

Request information from Monday to Friday,
between 08:30-21:00,
at 0800 88 22 88 (free in any network).

Call us internationally

Request information from Monday to Friday,
between 08:30-21:00,
at (+4) 021 308 57 10 (normal price).

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