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The multi-currency, multi-use loan limit is a loan facility made available

to you for up to 12 months under a loan contract.


The facility is set in a single reference currency under which OTP Bank can provide you with cash and non-cash financing in various currencies.


This type of loan product offers you a flexible financing structure, tailor-made to your specific needs, covering a wide range of financial and treasury needs related to the operational activity.

What benefits does the product offer you?

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Multi-currency – the amounts used may be in RON and various currencies other than the currency in which the facility was taken out, in which case the foreign exchange risk is taken into account;

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Multi-borrower – the amounts used from the limit may be made available to any group entities that have signed the loan contract;

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Multi-use – the facility may be used both as cash and non-cash (Overdraft, Line of credit, Cash loan, issuing of letters of guarantee, opening of letters of credit, Cheque endorsements).


Moreover, the guarantee package is set up for the entire limit and therefore the guarantee contracts are ancillary to a single loan contract, without the need to prepare them again with each amount used.


This way, you will significantly decrease the expenses incurred by the company for the registration of the guarantees.