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The cash account limit is a product that helps you cover 

the temporary liquidity shortage by quickly turning receivables into cash. The source of reimbursement is represented by the secured payment instruments (cheques and/or promissory notes) and bills assigned in favour of OTP Bank Romania S.A. respectively.

How does the product work?

  • Repeated use (revolving) loan product;
  • The facility is granted for up to 18 months and drawdowns may be made at any time during the first 12 months of the loan, without exceeding the value and the validity set out in the loan contract;
  • The maturity of a drawdown cannot exceed 90 calendar days from its date;
  • The reimbursement of the facility up to the amount of the principal and the payment of the interest due are carried out by cashing in the bills assigned and/or the cheques and/or the promissory notes secured in favour of the bank;
  • If granted specifically for a single drawdown, the limit takes the form of a non-revolving facility.