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Multi-currency, multioption, multiborrower ceilling

Choose this lending product that gives you a flexible financing structure, tailored to your needs. Thus, you cover a wide spectrum of financial and treasury needs related to operational and investment activity. Would you like to know more about your benefits?

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Credit limit for letters of guarantee, letters of credit, cheques certification

The credit limit for letters of guarantee, letters of credit, cheques certification revolving for carrying out the current activity which involves the frequent issuance of guarantee instruments in favor of business partners (issuing letters of guarantee, opening of credits, certification of cheques).

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Cash ceilling on cheques, promissory notes and invoices for legal entities

The cash ceilling is a product that helps you cover your temporary gap of liquidity by quickly converting receivables into cash. The source of reimbursement is represented by endorsed payment instruments (cheques and / or promissory notes), respectively assigned invoices in favor of OTP Bank Romania.

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Cash loan for stock financing of agricultural equipment and vehicles

In order for your business to continue growing, you need resources and a reliable partner to be by your side at any time you need it. We support you with a loan that can be used to purchase stocks of agricultural equipment and vehicles.
The credit is addressed to dealers and distributors.

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Credit line

The credit line addresses to any field of activity and is granted for financing working capital needs, ensuring the continuity of your activity. Provide your sources of income to cover unexpected payments and react promptly to sales growth.

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Overdraft is a short-term revolving facility, based on which you can access amounts of money within a certain approved limit to cover the liquidity gap and general financing needs.

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Short-term cash loan

Get long-term benefits with a short-term cash loan! This lending facility is intended for the payment of urgent current obligations, the  financing of stocks or the refinancing of working capital credit facilities from other banking institutions.

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Medium-term cash loan

This lending facility helps you to manage your financial resources efficiently. The success is now easier to achieve! The amounts can be used both for current activity and for refinancing of other ongoing projects. 

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Investment loan

OTP Bank offers you a product for financing investment activities, which comes in addition to your own resources, for the entire investment activity or for certain objectives (projects) that you have in the plan. The loan is obtained fast and easy and the benefits are long-term.

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Project financing

Here, at OTP Bank, the initiatives are appreciated and rewarded. No metter  which field you want to develop, from agriculture, energy from renewable sources and co-financing with European funds, we propose flexible structures adapted to the needs of your project. Benefit from the significant experience of the OTP group in the field of project financing.

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Agriculture, European Funds, and Partnerships


OTP Agro

OTP Agro – Useful information from the agricultural industry: products and banking services, installments calculator, European funds, leasing. Find out more on the OTP Agro platform, created for entrepreuners in the agricultural area.

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Loan for agricultural lands acquisition

Successfully develop your company in the field of vegetable production. In order to carry out your plans, under optimal conditions, we offer you the credit for the acquisition of agricultural lands. It can be used as an  investment loans ceilling to purchase several lots of land over time.

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Loans for projects funded from European funds

We support businesses with initiative! Because any successful project financed from European funds needs some form of initial financing, at OTP Bank, we provide you with pre-financing bridge type loans, respectively investment loans for financing eligible and non-eligible expenses.

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Loan for VAT financing

The full payment of the VAT related to the desired investments can now be paid easier! With the help of VAT financing, you enjoy the advantages of a flexible product that can be granted both for projects implemented with European funds and for projects implemented from own resources.

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Comfort letter

To access European funds you must demonstrate the co-financing capacity of the project you want to develop. Therefore, OTP Bank helps you by issuing a letter of comfort attesting to the potential of co-financing for both eligible and non-eligible expenses.

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Letter of guarantee

Enjoy the financing for your project! OTP Bank assists you by issuing letters of guarantee in order to demonstrate your ability to repay the pre-financing / advance. Whatever you plan, you can get up to 110% of the total pre-financing / advance received from the contracting authority.

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Financing Partnership with FNGCIMM, FGCR, EximBank

As a solution to the financial needs of the company, we have signed partnership agreements with FNGCIMM (National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs), Export-Import Bank of Romania - EximBank and FGCR (Rural Loan Guarantee Fund). Our partners come to your support with a fast, complete and professional response.

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