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A solution for companies under development stage and for those at maturity stage!

  • Your trading partners require longer payment terms?
  • Do you need a quick financing without collaterals?
  • Do you need the coverage of non-payment risk?
  • Do you need outsourcing of collection and management of invoices?
  • Your business is growing at a fast pace and you would like to approach new business partners?


We have the solution!

Domestic/ export Commercial Factoring

Factoring is the process by which OTP Bank buys trade receivables resulting from the provision of services or delivery of goods to your partners.


Domestic/ export Commercial Factoring represents a package of services that is personalized as needed:

  • Flexible financing - we offer the financing of a significant proportion of the invoices issued to an accepted partner (Debtor) without supporting documents requested for the use of such amounts;
  • Administration of receivables – we will take over the management of all accounting transactions: invoices, credit notes, payments, giving you complete situations with the receivables assigned to us;
  • Amiable Collection – we will manage debt collection by our trained staff, so that you can focus exclusively on the current activities;
  • Coverage of non-payment risk - we will provide non-payment risk of delayed payment / non-payment, insolvency including your partners with no extra cost.

The Advantages of commercial factoring

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Ensure rapid access to cash;

otp bank

Financing without material guarantees;

otp bank

Decrease dependence on payment terms related to business partners;

otp bank

Coverage of non payment risk of eligible debtors;

otp bank

Consultancy and specialized commercial assistance;

otp bank

Access to specialized management and collection of receivables;

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Reduction of administrative costs;

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Reports and real-time information;

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Access your OTP Factoring Comercial client account and you can request online financing or view reports in real-time: here.

The factoring credit limit

  • is calculated for each approved Debtor, depending on the realized turnover / estimated turnover to be done with it, contractual payment term and seasonality of business;
  • is a revolving limit, in RON for domestic factoring or in foreign currency for export factoring, any amount repaid / collected can be used again;
  • is granted for a period of 12 months and may be extended by similar periods.

OTP Romania has become a member of Factors Chain International (FCI) which gives the advantage of having:

  • the expertise of our correspondent factors ( FCI members), regarding the assessment of the creditworthiness of your partners outside Romania;
  • the support of Correspondent Factors (FCI members) for fast collection of receivables made by specialized personnel from the country of your business partner, thus facilitating the communication between the factor and the debtor.