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Through the OTPdirekt- Push Notification/ SMS Alerts service

you will receive real-time notifications on any account debiting/crediting, on the account balance at the beginning of the banking day, on any bank card activity, and other financial information of your choice (NBR exchange rate, deposit maturity, garnishments). 

Electronic RM

You can find out information about:


  • the final maturity of loan facilities;
  • fees;
  • instalments, interests on your loan products;
  • deposits at maturity.

Debt instruments issued in favour of suppliers/third parties, received for payment  


Real-time information is sent regarding Cheques and Promissory Notes submitted for payment and collection. 


You receive an alert after 7:00 p.m. in case your account is garnished. The alert includes information on: the garnished amount, currency and file number.

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