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Do you want to have access to your accounts 

and to manage your banking activity at any time, from anywhere in the world, easy and quick, without having to go to the bank?


Your solution is the OTPdirekt-Internet Banking service, which allows you remote access to the bank's services and products, in complete safety.

What advantages does OTPdirekt – Internet Banking offer you? 

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Round-the-clock availability: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, while operations are processed during the banking hours;

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Convenience through remote administration of accounts;

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Fast banking operations;

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Time saving;

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Complete safety of transactions through the implementation of network protection measures;

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Mobility, as the service can be accessed from Romania or abroad, from any computer connected to the Internet or from landline or mobile telephone networks for Contact Center;

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Where there is no computer available, you can access the Internet Banking service directly from the mobile phone (connected to the internet) and benefit from the same advantages;

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Low costs - bank fees are lower than at OTP Bank offices;

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Approval levels, in compliance with the approval competences within companies (first level signature user and second level signature user);;

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Individual access rights – a user can initiate and/or approve an operation;

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Limits of powers, as you have the possibility to set a daily amount limit per user or transaction; 

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Real-time information about account or card activities or other financial information, since you are in touch with the bank at all times.


Created specifically to simplify your daily work, the OTPdirekt service brings you all the information on your accounts at OTP Bank, without effort and without any trips to the bank!

When you can avoid a series of useless trips, you save time and enjoy greater freedom of movement. By using OTPdirekt you can check your account while you are abroad or you can open a deposit while you are on holiday.


Operations, transactions and facilities through Internet Banking:


  • information about your accounts: balances, statements of account, swift messages on foreign currency payments;
  • performance of transactions: payments in RON (regular and budgetary), payments in foreign currency (in Romania and abroad), foreign exchanges;
  • deposits: set up/liquidation/visualisation;
  • creation of payment templates and scheduled payments;
  • limits of powers: the client has the possibility to set a daily amount limit per user;
  • approval levels: first level signature users and second level signature users; there may also be two signatures to confirm a payment order - the approval competences within companies are complied with;
  • individual access rights - a user can initiate and/or approve an operation;
  • SMS notifications: configuration and administration.


Advantages of OTPdirekt - Internet Banking

  • Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week;
  • Safety of transactions;
  • Accessibility – the OTPdirekt service can be used from any computer, tablet, smartphone with internet access;
  • Quick and easy to use;
  • Flexibility.

With OTPdirekt - Internet Banking, everything is simple and quick!

See here the tutorials for Demo Internet Banking

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