Cash management

Advanced solutions for managing liquidities

Intrabank Cash Pooling

Intrabank Cash Pooling is a product that consists in the joint administration of the liquidities from the bank accounts opened at OTP Bank in different currencies, for companies from the same group of companies or holding.

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Cash Sweeping - Standing Order

Cash Sweeping - Standing Order service is addressed for resident or non-resident legal entities, which operate either on the territory of Romania or have an international presence and who carry out their liquidity management activity centrally and want to optimize thecash flow.

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Liquidities concentration

The liquidities concentration service is addressed to you if you receive funds in several current accounts, opened within OTP Bank Romania, and if you want the automatic centralization of the receipts in a single main current account, for the improvement of the liquidity management.
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SWIFT MT940 statement of account

The SWIFT MT940 Statement of Account service is addressed to you if you have a centralized liquidities management activity and if you want to collect the end-of-day current account statements in the main bank, in order to optimize the cash flow.
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SWIFT MT101 transfer request

The SWIFT MT101 Transfer Request is a fast and efficient remote management solution for your current accounts. MT101 messages provide you access to the current accounts opened at OTP Bank through any other bank participating in the SWIFT system.
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SWIFT MT942 intermediate report service

The SWIFT MT942 Intermediate Reporting Service is a real support for companies wishing to centralize liquidities management activity in order to optimize liquidity flow.
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Invoices collection

Direct Debit

Save time with the Direct Debit service from OTP Bank, delegating the monthly payment of invoices to the bank. Direct Debit is a service that simplifies the payment method of invoices and increases your comfort. Thus, you have time to focus on the important projects of your business.
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Collections management

Concentrating the receipts in a single collector account and automatically transferring the amounts to the current account simplifies the process of managing and monitoring the accounts and available funds. Automatic reconciliation of receipts with issued invoices results in fewer errors, as well as significantly reducing operating costs.
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Other services

OTP Trezor (Treasury transfer)

On the basis of the authorization received from your company, OTP Bank Romania will carry out the transfer of the amounts from the account opened to the State Treasury to the current account opened at the bank and will also act as a legitimate trustee in order to collect the paper statements from the Treasury units.
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Value transportation

Do you make a large volume of cash from your receipts and want a fast and safe transfer of cash between your own units and OTP Bank? Choose a value transport agreement, and we will pick them up from your company's units on agreed days and times.
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Payment agent

Do you want to distribute funds to various beneficiaries, natural and legal persons, clients or non-clients of OTP Bank Romania, through our network of banking units or by transfer? Nothing is easier! Find out the benefits of the Payment Agent service.
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