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Through POS and e-commerce terminals 

at 3D Secure international standards (Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode), OTP Bank can support your business, whether it is a store or e-shop. Moreover, with increased acceptance of VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards for payment, you facilitate your clients' access to the products and services you provide.


Due to the system that allows on-the-spot authorisation, card payments in stores can carry on without disruption.


We have also simplified the adhesion procedure to the card payment service for quick access to our POS and e-commerce services. In addition, we guarantee the settlement of card transactions carried out in your stores within a maximum of 24 working hours from the end-of-day closing operations of your POS or e-commerce.


For the authorisation, processing and settlement of card acceptance operations through POS or e-commerce, OTP Bank charges a percentage fee in relation to the amount of transactions settled in your current account.


Also, the fees charged by the bank for the implementation and monthly maintenance of the e-commerce service on websites are designed to encourage the business you operate.

Free of charge components

Studies show that debit and credit card acceptance for payment trends are on the rise in the Romanian market. This has made us realise your need for accessibility to these payment instruments, therefore we provide you with the following free components of this service:


  • Installation and use of POS equipment required for card transactions;
  • initial training and further on-demand training of staff on POS or e-commerce payments;
  • training the staff on preventing and combating frauds committed through these non-cash payment instruments;
  • consumables required to use POS equipment, such as thermal paper rolls;
  • Stickers to provide visual indication that VISA and MasterCard cards are accepted for payment;
  • Help Desk and telephone assistance for the use of POS and e-commerce equipment;
  • consultancy services on operations of card acceptance for payment.


What advantages does this product offer you?

otp bank

Increase in proceeds from sales and/or service provision;

otp bank

Greater credibility of your company due to the interest shown in transaction security;

otp bank

Collection of the equivalent value of your products or services sold directly in your company's current account;

otp bank

Drawing new clients through this modern and easily accessible service, which provides transaction safety at international standards;

otp bank

Participation in promotional campaigns organised by VISA, MasterCard and OTP Bank, for more bank card payments.