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Starting with November 24th, 2016, OTP Bank Romania will improve the security of card payments performed via Internet (e-commerce). When you will perform such a transaction, using a bank card issued by OTP Bank Romania, the regular "3D Secure" password used until then will be replaced by a dynamic password sent by the bank at the time of the transaction via SMS to your mobile phone. Starting with Nov 24th, you will use an unique dynamic password for each card payment performed via Internet and you will receive a free-of-charge SMS. The message is sent to the mobile number provided at the card’s issuance.

We mention that the automatic/ recurring payments performed with your bank card via Internet (e.g. subscriptions) will continue to function, being validated with the original 3D Secure password that you used when you enrolled for the first recurring payment. With the new and safer dynamic 3D Secure password the Internet card payments will be performed as follows:

  • Finalize the order and perform the payment using the OTP Bank card.
  • Receive your password via SMS on your mobile phone. The password will be valid for 10 minutes and, in case it expires, you will have to restart the payment process.
  • Enter the password and finalize the payment.

In order to enjoy the convenience of Internet card secure payments, please make sure that the mobile number that you mentioned to the bank is still valid. If necessary, you can update your mobile number by making a short visit to any OTP Bank Romania branches or contact our Customer Service team at +40-021.308.5711.

OTP Bank gives you 

the opportunity to make completely safe online purchases through the 3DSecure technology, free of charge


3DSecure is an authentication standard of the identities of card holders making online transactions. Thus, the protection of the card holders is ensured by the authentication of their identities upon carrying out a transaction. The secured electronic commerce system is implemented on merchant sites under the name of MasterCard Secure Code for MasterCard cards and Verified by VISA for VISA cards and it can be verified by the logos:


What are your advantages? 

otp bank

Increased safety and comfort of online transactions;

otp bank

No additional expenses for using this service;

otp bank

Access to numerous reliable merchants due to the higher number of merchants accepting the 3DSecure technology.


Not all online merchants/websites offer the 3DSecure technology for secured electronic commerce. If you have adhered to the 3DSecure service, you can identify yourself if the logo of the International Card Organisations, Verified by VISA and/or MasterCard Secure Code appear when you have to make the payment.



  • Do not enter the card series before making sure you have been correctly informed on the transaction elements: price, delivery term;
  • Do not enter the card PIN code, under any circumstances, even if there is a dedicated section;
  • OTP Bank cannot be held responsible for online transactions carried out by using its cards at online merchants, in Romania and/or abroad;
  • In case of unforeseeable situations, you can contact the ROMCARD S.A. Card Processing Centre at the telephone number 021 402 00 29 or by e-mail, at the address frontoffice@romcard.ro.