Salary cards

Salary cards

Your employees can enjoy more freedom thanks to the cards for salaries from OTP Bank. Issued under the aegis of Mastercard, these have been especially designed to provide advantageous payment conditions, regardless its type.

0 fee for card purchases

Both national and international use

Your employees can buy online at 3D Secure standards

What are the advantages of the salary cards?

  • 0 fee for card purchases;

  • Both national and international use;

  • Your employees can buy online at 3D Secure standards.

  • The advantages of OTP Mastercard:

  • Free consultation of the balance account 24/7 via OTPdirekt;

  • 0 issuing and administration fee for the OTP STABIL/ PRAGMATIC/ PRESTIGE packages;

  • Advantageous conditions for savings and credit products;

  • Make reservations, pay invoices, verify your accounts fast and easy.

  • Moreover, should you choose OTP Photo card:

  • Create your own image for your company’s cards;

  • You can personalize both your debit card, and your credit card Mastercard.

How to get the salary cards?

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