Performance guarantee deposit

Performance guarantee deposit

Show your employees that it is worth working with your company. The main ingredient of a successful partnership is trust, and when it can be strengthened by solid evidence, everything seems much easier. OTP Bank offers you the possibility of setting up deposits for guarantees of good execution, which will be useful both in relation to the beneficiaries of the business services, but also with the state institutions.
The deposit for guarantees of good execution is constituted by the contractor (product supplier / service provider / works performer) in order to assure the beneficiary of the quantitative, qualitative fulfillment, during the agreed period of the contract for the supply of products, services, execution of works, and during the period of related guarantee, as the case may be, in accordance with its provisions or the contract award documents.

The deposit is available in LEI, EUR and USD

Fixed annual interest for the amount deposited

The amount and the set up period are established according to the contract or the award documentation

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OTP Bank Romania S.A. is a participant of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Romania and its depositors benefit from a guarantee, by payment of compensations, of eligible constituted deposits, within the coverage limit as established periodically by law, currently amounting to the lei equivalent of 100,000 EUR for each account holder. This level of coverage was established by Law No. 311/2015 concerning deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, as published in the Official Journal No. 918 from 11.12.2015. According to the law, the term „deposit” means any credit balance, including interest due, arising from funds existing in an account or from transient situations deriving from current banking operations and which the credit institution must reimburse, according to the applicable legal and contractual conditions, including term deposits and savings accounts and which are not found in one of the situations expressly mentioned in the law as not falling under the category of these deposits (Article 3 (5) of the said law details the credit balances which do not fall under the category of deposits defined above). The notion of a „coverage limit” is the maximum level of the guarantee per guaranteed depositor and bank, applicable according to Article 61 par. (3).

Additional information for depositors is available under section „Information for depositors”, which includes the list of deposits excluded from guarantee.

More details can also be found on the website: