3D Secure Service


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3D Secure Service

When you own a successful business, it is essential to manage your time so that you focus on all the important aspects that cannot be delayed. It is easier to equip your company with all the necessary means for online shopping, especially when online purchases are easier and faster. 

We are constantly improving the security of e-card payments (E-Commerce). 3D Secure technology guarantees you the security of payments made online through new authentication methods.

Increased security and comfort when making transactions in the virtual environment

Entering into a large market of merchants, quality users of 3D Secure

Enjoy this service at no additional cost

What is 3D Secure Technology?

  • An authentication standard developed by the International Mastercard and VISA Card Organizations which ensure that online card transactions (E-Commerce) are made under strict security conditions, providing  protection to cardholders through authentication methods;

  • The secure e-commerce system is implemented on merchants websites under the name "Mastercard Identity Check" for Mastercard and "Verified by VISA" for VISA cards, and can be identified through logos;

    Mastercard                visa

  • An extensive market of merchants with quality users of 3D Security technology;

  • 3D Secure service is offered with 0 cost and all the cards issued by OTP Bank Romania are automatically enrolled in this system.

How does it work?

  • 3D Secure technology benefits from new legislative regulations and provide increased security for online transactions made with cards issued by OTP Bank Romania. You have two possibilities through which you can authorize online transactions made with OTP Bank cards through 3D Secure system:

    1. Biometric authentication (digital fingerprint or facial recognition)
    With SmartBank application, available on your mobile phone, you can now authorize online transactions made through OTP Bank cards, much more securely and quickly.

  • Access SmartBank mobile app for free from your Android or iOS phone:


  • Enroll your OTP Bank card in SmartBank mobile app, OTPcards biometrics menu by using the last 10 digits of your card number and the last 6 digits of your CNP. Confirm the card's registration by a verification code received on your mobile phone communicated to the bank and Congratulations! You can now authorize online payments made with the enrolled card on your mobile phone via biometric authentication.

  • After enrolling the OTP Bank card for biometric authentication, all your online card payments made on merchants' websites enrolled in the 3D Secure system as well, will be done as follows:
                   -    Choose the product you want, complete the order and make the payment by entering card data (card number, expiry date, CVV/CVC code);
                   -    You will receive a push notification on your mobile phone, which will direct you to SmartBank app, in the transaction data screen (amount, currency, merchant name) so that you can approve your online payment through biometric authentication established on your phone;
                   -    If you've changed your mind or don't recognize the payment, you can reject it from the same screen;
                   -    If you want to disable the biometric authentication option for online payments made with the OTP Bank card, you can delete the enrolled card from the SmartBank mobile app, OTPcards biometrics menu, Unregister option.

Convince yourself how simple it is!

Go to the tutorial below and see how you can authorize online payments made with your OTP Bank card on your mobile phone.

2. Two Factor authentication - static + dynamic password

  • For the first online transaction made with your card, in the payment page, you will be asked to enter the static password, consisting of the last 6 digits of your CNP.
  • For security, it is necessary to change the initial static password, with a new 6-digit password, known only by you. For the following online transactions you will use the static password set by you in this step;
  • If you have forgotten the static password set by you, please call the ROMCARD SA Card Processing Center, at 021.402.0029. The password will be set to the initial value, consisting in the last 6 digits of your CNP; 
  • Then you will be asked for the dynamic 3D Secure password, which you will receive as before, via SMS, at your mobile phone number communicated to the bank. You must enter this password on the merchant's payment page.

Go to the tutorial below and see how you can authorize online payments with two factor authentication:

To enjoy secure payments through 3D Secure service, please make sure that your mobile phone number communicated to the bank is correct and current (if necessary, updating it can be done at any OTP Bank branch or online).

See here the Specific Terms and Conditions for using the 3D Secure service.

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