We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.

Current account

Open a current account and benefit from multiple advantages. Over time, OTP Bank has won its collaborators’ trust by providing appropriate solutions for each context. When you access a current account, you will benefit from free interbank payment orders in lei through OTPdirekt, free inter-bank and intra-bank receipts.

In order to save time for things that matter, OTP Bank receives debit instruments such as checks, payment orders, bills of exchange and remits them for collection. Thus, we also provide you the possibility to make payments by cash or fast transfer, to any territorial unit or online through Internet Banking.

Quick and easy access to your money, wherever you are

Transactions are performed in several currencies

Access to a range of products and services that will contribute to the success of your business

What are the advantages of a current account for companies?

  • Quick and easy access to your money, wherever you are;

  • Transactions are performed in several currencies;

  • Access to a range of products and services that will contribute to the success of your business;

  • Collecting the amounts, in lei or other currency, in the same day, if the payers have the account opened at OTP Bank;

  • If the payer has the account opened at other bank, the payment in lei is made on the same day if the payment is made through SEP (Electronic Payment System) or on the same day the message SWIFT MT103 was received, for foreign currency receipts, in compliance with the processing time limit;

  • Through payment orders, funds can be transferred both nationally and abroad;

  • Zero fees for payments made through the online application, OTPdirekt, between OTP Bank clients or between their own accounts;

  • Payments can be made using debit instruments (checks, payment orders, bills of exchange);

  • Payments can be scheduled through the OTPdirekt - Internet Banking application.

Good to know

Starting with 02.05.2019 the submission of payment orders in lei and/or in foreign currency at the Bank's counters by a delegate of a legal entity will be made only based on a slip. This must be signed by a person with signature right in OTP Bank. You can download the slip draft here.

How to get the Current Account?

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Want more information?

Dear customer, we inform you that due to the increasing number of banks in liquidation from Ukraine, any payment made to this country may register processing delays.

There won't be initiated business relationships, including current account opening, as well as acceptance and/or carrying out any funds /conducting transactions for natural/legal entities with residence/citizenship in North Korea, as well as of those whose authorised representatives have residency / citizenship in North Korea. Thank you for your understanding.

In accordance with the bank's policy regarding customer knowledge, prevention and control money laundering and terrorist financing, OTP Bank Romania S.A. pays particular attention to the transfer of funds in foreign currency to/from the offshore territories, as well as to the operations of external receipts and payments of customers who have their residence / citizenship / registered office or real shareholders / beneficiaries in the offshore territories, requesting customers justificative commercial documents for the transactions carried out / to be carried out whenever it considers necessary. The main purpose is to classify such operations in the legal provisions in force and to analyse the conformity with the object of activity / current commercial activity of the customers.

OTP Bank Romania S.A. is a participant of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Romania and its depositors benefit from a guarantee, by payment of compensations, of eligible constituted deposits, within the coverage limit as established periodically by law, currently amounting to the lei equivalent of EUR 100.000 for each account holder. This level of coverage limit was established by Law No. 311/2015 concerning deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, as published in the Official Journal No. 918 from December 11th, 2015. According to law, the notion of a „deposit” means any credit balance, including the interest due, resulting from funds in an account or in transitory situations, deriving from current banking transactions, which the bank should reimburse, according to applicable legal and contractual conditions, including term deposits and savings accounts and which are not included in the list of situations mentioned in the Law specifically as not entering the category of these deposits (art. 3 (5)) of the law mentioned, detailing the credit balances which are not included in the deposit categories defined above). The notion of a „coverage limit” is the maximum level of the guarantee per guaranteed depositor and per credit institution, applicable according to art. 61 par.(3).
More information for depositors can be obtained by accessing the section „Information for depositors”, including the list of deposits excluded from guarantee.
More details can also be found on the website:

If your transaction contains in the fields  as “Bank’s country” or “Beneficiary’s country” one of the countries listed within the list of countries for which the bank requests supporting documents in order to process money transfers, please submit your documents to the bank by uploading them in OTPdirekt app, or e-mail them at If failing in doing so, the bank will not be able to process the operation. No business relations shall be initiated, including the opening of a current account, as well as the acceptance and / or transfer of any funds / transactions for individuals / legal entities residing or having their citizenship in North Korea, as well as for those whose authorized representatives have residence / citizenship in North Korea.
In accordance with the internal policy of the Bank, OTP Bank Romania S.A.:

  • does not process USD money transfers with the following countries: Iran, Belarus, Cuba, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan and Zimbabwe;
  • does not process money transfers in relation to the following banks: Belarus, Belinvestbank (Belarusian Bank for Development and Reconstruction), Belagroprombank Belarus, Sberbank Russia, VTB Russia, Gazprombank Russia, Vnesheconombank (VEB) Russia, Rosselkhozbank Russia;
  • does not process money transfers with banks from Transnistria, which are not supervised by the National Bank of Moldavia.