The circle used in the design of the new logo is an ancient symbol of the coin, expressing excellence, stability and completeness.


The central disk surrounded by a semicircle symbolises knowledge and the resources entrusted to us, while their growth is secured by the protective circle around it. The circle has an aperture of 90 degrees in the top right quarter, symbolising perspective and evolution.


The smaller disk within the circle is the expression of value and growth generated by OTP Bank's experience; it is the symbol of progress, development and the advantages that we can offer, while also expressing that OTP Bank is a committed partner that successfully advises its clients in order to achieve their goals and targets.


Green is the source of positive feelings in every culture: the colour of expertise, freshness and revival. With the use of the two shades of green we want to emphasise the mutual trust between OTP Bank and its partners

Writing, letter type

The slightly curved, modern, clean letters reinforce the associations rendered by the logo. The italic, slightly inclined font symbolises dynamism. The lower case letters reflect the direct, personal relationship between the clients and OTP Bank.


The OTP Bank logo is an overall symbol of trust, care towards partners and corporate innovation.