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Are you a student 

or attending other higher education institution?


Would you like to learn more about the financial and banking environment?


Are you sociable, open, have a positive attitude and want to learn to communicate with and relate to clients?


Gain experience with OTP Bank's internship programme!

What is the ideal candidate?

  • A student who wishes to learn and responds to the requirements of the banking environment.
  • As financial service providers, we attach great importance to client orientation and because of this vital issue we are looking for students able to communicate and empathise with our clients.
  • An independent person, who is also self-critical and receptive to constructive feedback.
  • Willing to take responsibility and to make decisions based on solid theoretical knowledge, logic, reason and common sense.
  • An intern who appreciates and wants to be educated and whose intellect goes beyond minimum mandatory requirements; is inquiring, wants and knows to share knowledge and to learn from others.
  • A person showing high professional standards, integrity, honesty, a student who is driven and enthusiastic about adding his input for the achievement of OTP Bank's goals.

What does the OTP Bank Internship Programme imply?

  • You will go through the basics of banking, finance and general/particular economics;
  • You will learn key concepts on economic development and banking management;
  • You will be introduced to the banking services and learn more about the customer care concept;
  • You will learn about financial review and accounting.

What will you achieve?

  • You will develop your professional and personal skills, both as an individual and as a member of a professional team.
  • You will be initiated and have access to the bank's corporate culture, ethical principles and find out how they are reflected in day-to-day business, including operational.
  • Career counselling; outstanding students will be given career counselling services by a consultant specialized in Human Resources, helping you to: 
    1.          - Identify your career-related needs
  2.          - Identify your career-related potential
  3.          - Identify your career goals
  4.          - Make career-related decisions (choosing a career, changing it)
  5.          - Prepare for a job interview

How does it work?

During the internship you will have access to on the job training and dynamic and interactive sessions of open debates on topics specific to banking; the purpose of all this is to achieve the goals set at the onset of this programme.

How long does it take?

Term: at least 3 weeks, up to 3 months

Location: Bucharest, head office and territorial units of OTP Bank

How can you participate in the OTP Bank Internship Programme?

If we were to formalise the above as eligibility criteria, they would be described as follows:


You should be a student in penultimate/final year of study.


Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) should be at least 7.5/10 or 2.5/4 (a certificate to this effect is required at the time of the interview)


As well as:


  • Integrity - a mandatory core value in this business
  • Positive attitude, enthusiasm and drive
  • Perseverance in achieving goals
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer skills (Windows; MS-Office)
  • English/Hungarian knowledge is an advantage
  • Planning and organisation skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility

How does the selection process take place?

If you are interested in the OTP Bank Internship Programme and wish to apply, please send a CV and a letter of intent at the address: noua.generatie@otpbank.ro and write Internship in the subject field.

What is the next step?

There are employment opportunities for interns who successfully complete the programme, depending, of course, on the final evaluation and the bank's specific needs. However, the bank or the candidate have no legal obligation to enter into such a relationship in this respect.