OTP Bank Romania is launching the online series „1st Year Entrepreneurship”

OTP Bank Romania is launching the online series „1st Year Entrepreneurship”

OTP Bank Romania launches, for the first time, the "1st Year Entrepreneurship" mini-series, a Startup Hero branded project. The series presents four entrepreneurs  unique stories who talks about the problems  they encountered in the first year of their business, but also about the solutions they found that made them go further. Regardless of their field of activity, the events of the four protagonists, clients of the bank, are real and they present unexpected situations that they faced in the beginning of entrepreneurship.

The opening of the series is made by Răzvan Pascu, a tourism marketing consultant and entrepreneur, who relates about one of the most difficult situations he has faced in his career, but also how he has transformed a crisis into an opportunity.

Startup Hero is a package offered by OTP Bank Romania with zero costs, intended for those who want to start a start-up or are in the first year of a business.
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We want to support the ideas of entrepreneurs and we want to come to their assistance with both innovative products and an inspirational dose. I think this series will be highlighted, in particular, by the genuine emotion that the narrators convey. We aimed to show a different perspective, one in which people with extraordinary wilpower challenged themselves and turned their business ideas into reality. Their experiences are very interesting because they come from different areas with  stories from which we all have something to learn from.", said Alexandru Neagu, Director of SME Directorate, from OTP Bank Romania.

Watch the first episode of the "1st Year Entrepreneurship" mini-series


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