OTP Bank has financed the first company through IMM Invest: working capital loan of 1 million lei for Lucimet Prod

OTP Bank has financed the first company through IMM Invest: working capital loan of 1 million lei for Lucimet Prod

OTP Bank has granted the first loans guaranteed through the IMM Invest Romania Program. Among them is the Romanian container manufacturer Lucimet Prod SRL. The financing of 1 million lei is already used by the company and provides working capital in order to increase productivity for the Bucharest factory.

OTP Bank has joined the start of the largest government program to guarantee loans for small and medium enterprises, IMM Invest Romania, and at the beginning of May, the process of signing the Agreement for Guarantee and Payment of Grants with the National Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises was completed. A few weeks later financing requests have gone through the approval process and customers have begun making use of their credits.

However, the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic and the limitation of the possibility of export during the state of emergency affected, through delayed contracts and the reduction of delivered volumes, less known areas of activity, such as the metal construction segment.

"These are difficult times, of crisis and uncertainty for all entrepreneurs, I would say. Some are considering closing their businesses, and most of them have reduced the number of employees or requested technical unemployment. We have hope and stubbornly protected our human resources. And not only that. We have adapted to the new normality by offering better prices for the Romanian market and for Western Europe. But we could not have done this without the support of OTP Bank Romania. We are content with the received counselling and the pace with which we came into use of the requested financing", said Gheorghe Cornel Udrea, Lucimet.

Lucimet Prod, the first company in the portfolio of OTP Bank Romania to obtain financing through the IMM Invest Romania Program, has been producing, for 17 years, metal constructions, containers, containers with special functions and for waste collection, sorting, compaction and transport.

"Society and the business environment are changing. We observe this closely and meet the companies that are looking to survive this crisis or, moreover, to reinvent themselves, and an example is Lucimet Prod SRL. The pandemic generated by the COVID 19 virus affected us, directly or indirectly, not only personally, but also had a negative effect on the economy, and the most vulnerable are small companies, unfortunately. We have set ourselves the main objective of rewarding the trust given by our partners through professionalism, personalized advice and promptness in processing credit applications because we understand the urgency to restart the economy", said Alexandru Gabriel Neagu, Director of SMEs at OTP Bank Romania.

OTP Bank has created a dedicated information section for customers that want to find out more about the IMM Invest Romania Program and a special form on the bank's website, so that they can receive as soon as possible the support and counselling they need to access financing solutions: https://www.otpbank.ro/en/sme/loans/imm-invest-romania.

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