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Pupil or student? 

The winners for the 5 electric scooters are:

Spiru Crina Denisa
Stoica Alexandru Marinel
Stoian Andreea Iulia
Popa Elena Claudia
Draghici Mihnea Matei

The winners for the 5 smartwatches are:

Popescu Andrei Calin
Bogdan Stefania Ornela
Badea Bianca Maria
Beres Eszter
Florescu Georgiana - Loredana

Pay with your Mastercard Flat or Mastercard Standard debit card and you could win one of 5 electric scooters or one of 5 smartwatches in a prize draw. 

More payments, more chances to win!

How can you participate?

You are a pupil or student and have reached the age of 18 by the Campaign start date or have not yet reached the age of 25 by the Campaign end date.

Which card do you need?

  •      Mastercard Standard debit card 
  •      Mastercard Flat Debit Card

What can you win?

  •      An electric scooter
  •      A smartwatch

The campaign is valid from 18.09.2023 to 08.12.2023 and is subject to terms and conditions according to the Campaign Rules.  

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