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Pay with your OTP Bank Mastercard

Almost every Tuesday in 2024 brings you a win! Mastercard has launched the Mastercard Tuesdays program, which runs throughout the year in 4 themed campaigns where you can participate and win. What? Money!

So every Tuesday during the campaign periods can be better if you pay with your Mastercard issued by OTP Bank and get 10% cashback.

The 4 campaingns run as it follows:

  1. 16 January - 26 March - you get 10% cashback on tax, duty and bill payments made on Tuesdays;
  2. 2 April - 25 June - you get cashback on purchases in convenience stores and supermarkets;
  3. 2 July - 24 September - cashback will be offered on payments you make abroad;
  4. 1 October - 31 December 2024 - online payments will be rewarded.  

How does it work?

With a single registration by filling in the form on the platform, you will automatically be able to participate in all 4 campaigns of the program.

Your card can be enrolled in the program on any day of the week, and for each eligible payment made with the enrolled card on Tuesdays, you will receive 10% cashback (money back on the card), up to a limit of 50 lei per card, per campaign.

You can enroll with the following types of cards: 

Mastercard RON and EUR debit cards issued to individuals.


Mastercard credit cards issued to individuals.



The campaign organised by Mastercard is valid from 16.01. to 31.12.2024 and is subject to terms and conditions. Consult the Campaign Rules on