We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.

Would you like to receive up to 45 lei from your bank?

It's that simple:

1. You open an online account or in any OTP branch and activate a debit card during the campaign period, February 24th - April 28th 2023

2. Perform the following actions with the debit card at any OTP Bank ATM:

  • Balance inquiry or check;
  • Mini account statement;
  • PIN code change;
  • Cash withdrawal or deposit.

      you get 10 lei cashback in your account!

3. Make a minimum of five debit card payments at merchants, online or offline. All payments must be made and processed within the same calendar month.

      you get 15 lei cashback in your account!

4. Opt for one of the following OTP Bank products during the campaign period:

       you receive 20 lei cashback in your account for the first product accessed!

In the Promotional Campaign, the cashback bonus is granted only once, the maximum value can be 45 lei. All details about the promotional campaign can be found in the Regulations.