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Your OTP Bank card brings you the BENEFITS of AirClaim services

Air Claim helps you get up to €600 compensation for air travel with 100% discount.

In order to benefit from the 100% discount, the unique discount code OTPBANKCLAIM must be applied, so it is necessary to fill in the form dedicated to OTP Bank customers, available here.

The main scenarios for which you can get compensation for air travel are:

You can get this compensation if the departure time of your flight has been delayed by at least 3 hours. Exceptions to this rule are situations beyond the airline's control, such as: adverse weather conditions, control tower problems and others. However, when the aircraft has technical problems or when there are internal management problems of the airline operating the flight, the airline is obliged to offer passengers compensation of up to €600. The exact amount of compensation is determined by the distance in km to the destination.

If your flight is cancelled due to the fault of the airline, it may pay you compensation. Exceptions to this rule are extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline's control. And if the operator notifies passengers at least 14 days before the scheduled date that their flight will be cancelled, the operator is not obliged to pay them any compensation.

It is very common for an airline to have a delay on the first flight segment that affects a stopover. If you are in this situation, then the airline is obliged to compensate you, even if the delay was no more than 3 hours, as stipulated in most air transport regulations. For example, if a 30-minute delay causes a missed connection, then passengers are entitled to compensation.

Statistically speaking, all airlines sell about 5% more tickets than seats available on the plane. Because of this, the same seat ends up being sold to more passengers and this leads to overbooking, followed by denied boarding. If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, you are eligible for compensation of up to €600.

The Air Claim offer is valid from 18.04.2022-15.03.2023 and covers all debit or credit cards issued by OTP Bank.

The campaign is subject to terms and conditions according to the Official Campaign Regulations.