We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.


2024 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • eFinance Gala - eProducts Award for OTP SmartBank App

2023 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • Global Finance Awards - OTP Bank Romania the Best Local Bank in 2022
  • Online Banking Gala 2023, FinMedia:
  1. The largest number of the Internet Banking service (legal entities category)
  2. The highest value of transactions of the Mobile Banking service (medium banks category)
  • CSR Awards Gala, organized by
  1. 3rd place - "OTPeople" project, Employee Advocacy Category 
  2. Mention, for the "GreenDOT - 5 Star Reviews" project, Cause Related Marketing Category

2022 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • European Customer Centricity Awards:
  1. ​​​Overall Winner
  2. Contact Center / Shared Services
  • PR Award:
  1. ​​​​​​​Silver Award for Excellence, at Employer Branding & Diversity Management for GirlPower by OTP Bank
  • Financial Intelligence Gala 2022:
  1. Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry award
  • Bancheri de Top, organised by Finmedia:
  1. Profit dynamics for banks with assets between 5 and 50 billion lei
  • Gala Online Banking, organized by Finmedia, medium banks category:
  1. The largest total number of customers - individuals and legal entities - of the Mobile Banking 2021 service;
  2. The highest total number of individuals transactions of the Internet Banking 2021 service and The highest total number of customers - individuals and legal entities - of the Internet Banking 2021 service.
  •  CSR Awards Gala, organized by
  1. Mention, at the Employee Support Category

2021 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • "Women who change Romania" Gala, by Finnedia

    Women who change Romania award – Maria Ghetea
  • eFinance Gala, by Finmedia

    eProduct award – OTPdirekt
  • Online Banking Gala, organized by Finmedia, OTP Bank Romania:

    Best Performance in Internet Banking:

    1. General - The highest percentage increase in the total number of active individual customers by 2020;
    2. Medium banks category - The highest number of transactions by 2020;

    Best Performance in Mobile Banking:

    1. Medium banks category - The largest number of customers of the mobile banking service.
    ICERTIAS offered OTP Bank Romania two important recognitions/medals:


2020 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • Most Admired Business Women Awards Gala 2020, by Business Arena:

    Most Admired Woman in Banking – Roxana Hidan
  • Online Banking 2020 Gala, by Finmedia:

    for Best performance in Internet Banking for Mobile Banking services in the category of medium banks:
    -    The highest average value of an individual transaction 2019;
    -    The largest total number of customers in 2019;
    -    The highest total value of transactions in 2019;
    -    The largest share of the number of PJ customers in the use of internet banking service out of the total number of customers of the bank in 2019.
  • Top Bankers Gala, by Finmedia:

    Active Dynamics - medium banks category
    Loans / employee - medium banks category
    Deposits / employee - medium banks categroy
    Special prize Communication with the readers of Piața Financiară magazine - medium banks category.
  • Financial Intelligence Gala:

    Award for sustained investments in the banking system
  • 25 years of Piața Financiară Gala, by Finmedia:

    Bank of the Year 2020 on Retail and SMEs
  • Romania PR Award:

    Silver Award for Excellence, social media category – Banca de Mulțumiri

2019 OTP Bank Romania Awards

  • Gala of the Romanian Association of Credit Brokers (ARBC):

    Bank of the Year

    The best mortgage loan
  • Romanian CSR Awards 2019:

    Second place in the category "Best employee support program" - "Urban Summer"
  • Online Banking 2019 Gala, by Finmedia:

    Best performance in Internet Banking
  • Financial Leaders' Hall of Fame Gala 2019:

    Mortgage Credit - in the Retail Product of the Year category
  • Piața Financiară Gala by Finmedia:

    Bank of the Year for SMEs in 2019