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OTP Bank history

OTP Bank Romania is part of OTP Group, one of the leading financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe, conducting operations in countries such as Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

Present in the local banking market since 2004, OTP Bank Romania has set out to become a strong universal bank and to provide complete services to individual and corporate clients.

OTP Bank Romania has paved its way to this goal in all the activities it has undertaken over more than ten years of presence in the local market through innovation and competence, providing banking services to individuals and companies alike.

December 1995 – RoBank received the authorisation to operate as a universal bank in Romania.

Four years later, the same bank was selected from a list of 10 Romanian banks to calculate the daily BUBID/BUBOR interest rates, and in 2000 RoBank signed an agreement with EBRD to participate in the Foreign Trade Facility Programme, a project worth USD 100 million.

2003 – RoBank entered into an agreement with Eximbank on financing and pre-financing export production. The bank participated in the World Bank project to finance rural areas, obtaining sub-loans of up to USD 1 million for funds for financing projects in all segments of the rural economy during that same year.

2004 – OTP Group acquired 99.99% of RoBank, while the remainder of 0.01% belonged to other OTP Group company members.

2007 – The total assets of OTP Bank Romania increased by 15.9%, to HUF 236.4 billion (EUR 930,706,800) by the end of the third quarter of that year. The quarter-on-quarter loan losses were significantly lower. The net interest income increased significantly to 93% due to the strengthening of the bank's deposit base.

In one month, in December 2007, 20 new territorial units were opened and OTP Bank's network reached 104 territorial units.

2008 – This was the first profitable year in the company's history, with a 65.5% growth in operating earnings compared to 2007 (from HUF 10.152 million to HUF 16.800 million).

2009 – OTP Bank Romania ended its second consecutive year with positive results, posting a profit after tax of EUR 4.2 million. We introduced new products and services: the deposit for retirees; the Inter-banking Direct Debit service; the registered certificate of deposit with discount; the flexible maturity term deposit.

2010 – The OTPdirekt service experienced a series of adjustments with the introduction of new innovative options, such as Electronic RM. We launched successful campaigns: Business Kombat, intended for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and the Right to Read, a national corporate social responsibility campaign that continued in the following years.

2011 – OTP Bank Romania adapted to market conditions and reinforced its market position. We launched “OTP Mentor”, a complete financial consultancy programme for those who wished to capitalise on their financial resources to their full potential.

2012 – We continued to develop the available service range through OTPdirekt by launching the Automatic Saving Tool. The new automatic saving tool was developed to meet our clients' needs to place their capital as easily and unconditionally as possible. Also, individual clients have had the Deposit Maturity notification at their disposal with the OTPdirekt - SMS Notifications service informing them of the status of their deposits as of May 2012. We launched the e-commerce operations as part of the "card acceptance for payment" service for legal entities in May. This new service is designed for companies trading in products and services over the internet, but also for municipalities for online collection of local duties and taxes.

OTP Bank Romania is a universal bank, holding its own financing sources and providing integrated financial services to companies and individuals.

OTP Bank Romania offers alternative channels and service packages associated with products, an area in which OTP Bank is the undisputed leader in Hungary – with a market share of 50% for Call Center services, 70% for Internet Banking and 70% for Mobile Banking. Since its entry on the Romanian market, OTP Bank has carefully analysed the local market and has continuously identified new investment and development opportunities, thus earning its position as an innovative bank.

Part of an innovative group, OTP Bank premiered a card with a unique design  – VISA Clasic Transparent, the first card on the Romanian market that was co-branded with a network of service stations – OTP – MOL, and in collaboration with OTP Asset Management it launched the OTP Premium Duo and OTP Premium Wise innovative savings packages.

As an OTP Bank client you will benefit from reliable services and counselling from the bank's staff, who are always ready to help you choose an offer that meets your expectations.