Wherever you might be, OTPdirekt will enable you to do several things at the same time.


We know you have a lot to do on a daily basis. That is why we have identified a solution for you. We have developed a useful service that enables you to perform all banking operations whenever and wherever you want.
Simple, fast and safe!

With OTPdirekt you can access your bank accounts through:

Internet Banking 

Internet Banking

Alerte SMS
SMS Alerts &

Contact Center 

Contact Center

You have access to information on
your financial situation with OTP Bank
and you can perform a wide range of
With SmartBank & SMS Alert you have
full access to your financial situation,
in real timp, straight on your mobile phone.
An operator will provide the needed
information and you can order the
wanted transactions by phone.

Benefits of OTPdirekt

  • Money saving: the fees for the transactions performed directly through OTPdirekt are up to 50% lower than the ones charged at the bank counters;
  • Longer business hours for transactions: You can perform the wanted transactions (intra and inter-banking payments, foreign exchange, deposits, payments in foreign currency in Romania) by benefiting from a longer business schedule, compared to the bank counters;
  • Easy usage: We are providing an intuitive service that helps you perform the wanted transactions in a shorter time;
  • 24/7 information: you have permanent access to your financial situation and you can check your accounts or initiate your transactions at all times;
  • Mobility: you have access to your accounts from any device connected to the Internet and you can use any browser;
  • Safety: the used identification method guarantees the customized access to your accounts and the safety of your transactions;
  • Flexibility: you can configure and change the SMS alerts depending on your needs.

Useful information


  • Are you saving or investing?

    • You have interest bonus of 0.20% dcompared to the standard interest for RON deposits and of 0.10% for EUR term deposits set up through OTPdirekt;
    • Buy fund units whenever you want, by means of the Investment fund menu of Internet Banking;
    • You have the chart of your financial liquidities and you know the liquidities distribution into your current and saving bank accounts, in deposits and investment funds.

  • Do you need control and safety?

    • You banking card is the safest one. Whenever you are using it, you instantly receive an SMS alert with the accurate data concerning the time, venue and used amount.
    • You always know the available funds on your card. After each card transaction you receive an SMS alert setting out the available balance.
    • You know in real time all changes related to your balance. The Control Cont alert sends an instant SMS whenever your bank account has been debited or credited.
    • You only receive warnings concerning the significant transactions. Configure the ceiling above which the SMS alert will be received.
    • You can see the card transactions in progress by accessing the Cards menu of Internet Banking.
    • Your funds are safe. OTPdirekt service uses a dynamic identification with token and SSL encryption.
    • You can change the cash drawing limit for your card. You just need to send us a message through Internet Banking.

  • You have a loan?

    • You always know the amount of your next loan installment. The Electronic RM menu of Internet Banking provides detailed information concerning your loan, such as: the due installment, the next maturity, the interest or the loan balance.
    • You ensure the liquidities for the next loan installment. Through Internet Banking or SmartBank you can make foreign exchange whenever you consider that the exchange rate is favorable;
    • You know the amount of accrued arrears. Electronic RM has a menu dedicated for arrears, irrespective of their origin.

  • Performing transactions?

    • Pay the phone, electric power or any other bill from the Payments menu, choosing Domestic payment/Transfer from Internet Banking or "New payment" from SmartBank.
    • It is cheaper to make a payment through OTPdirekt than at the bank desks.
    • You need money during the night or weekend? Through Internet Banking or SmartBank you can exchange and transfer funds or close deposits beyond the bank business schedule.
    • You see in real time all changes related to your balance. The data are synchronized almost instantly.
    • You make urgent foreign currency payments at a lower cost compared to the bank desk.
    • Access your bank accounts from wherever you want. OTPdirekt does not require a special software. All you need is an Internet connection.
    • Help your friends wherever they are. The inter-banking transfers are processed instantly.
    • You know what has happened to your bank accounts even one year ago because the statements of account from Internet Banking are available for the last 12 months.
    • The payment requires just one click. Use the payment forms of Internet Banking or SmartBank and the payment details shall be filled-in automatically.