The emblem

The circle, an ultimate shape, the ancient symbol of the coin expresses excellence, stability and completeness.

It communicates power. The central disk surrounded by the arc represents the knowledge and resources entrusted to us, their growth insured by the protective ring around. The ring is open 90 degrees in the top right quarter, which symbolizes the perspective on evolution. The small disk in the arc symbolizes the new assets, value and growth produced by OTP Bank’s expertise and work. It is the symbol of progress, development and advantage our bank can offer and, at the same time, expresses that OTP Bank is a committed partner in successfully assisting our customers in reaching their goals.

The color

Green color is a source of positive feelings in every culture: the color of expertise, freshness and revival. With the use of the two green colors, we place emphasis on the mutual trust between OTP Bank and its partners.

The letters

The finely curved, modern, clean font reinforces the association created by the emblem,. Italics symbolize dynamism. The lower case letters reflect the direct, personal relationship between clients and the Bank.

In all, the logo of OTP Bank is the symbol of a reliable, careful, but also innovative corporation: the symbol of trust.