Message from the management of OTP Bank Romania

Dear clients,

On the way to success and Evolution, our journey started with a promise: to offer quality up to the level of Excellency in the financial – banking industry to our clients and partners. During over 10 years of activity on the local market, we have turned client – bank relationship into a solid partnership. We have developed efficient financial solutions tailor made for the real needs of our clients, both private individuals and companies.

Our mission is to continuously support the success of those who invest us with their trust. Therefore, we are always looking for pragmatic solutions, adapted to the economic realities of the market and to the more and more complex and demanding clients’ expectations.

We are constantly evolving as we have developed a business model that allows us to permanently value the market potential. In 2014, we made an important step, the acquisition of Millennium Bank Romania, which have brought us closer to the fulfilment of our strategic objective that is to enter the top 10 banks in Romania.

We have assumed our position as a responsible member of the community we activate in. We continued ‘’Right to Read’’ social responsibility campaign, internationally awarded for exceptional results. We launched our own foundation „Right to Education” that supports and promotes a responsible financial attitude among high school students.

Each year we rank first among the most solid banking groups at European level in terms of capitalisation, according to the data published by the European Banking Authority (EBA). This recognition validates our position as a Solid and Trustworthy partner.

We wish that the success and reputation of OTP Bank will continuously trigger about the success and the satisfaction of our clients.”

László Diósi

OTP Bank Romania


OTP Asset Management Romania, market leader in 2012

In 2012, OTP Asset Management Romania had the best results through the investment funds it manages, with a leading position in three categories.

Thus, the open funds with an investment policy towards fixed-income instruments (bonds and money market) OTP Obligatiuni, OTP ComodisRO and OTP Euro Bond were located in the corresponding categories leaderboards.

With a percentage of 6.98%, the open investment fund OTP ComodisRO gave the highest yield of the year 2012. During the whole year, it was constantly on one of the first three positions in the ranking.

OTP Obligațiuni is the performer of the year in its category, with a yield of 7.60%, for the RON bonds fund. Through the entire year, it was constantly on one of the first two positions of the ranking, while in 2011 it was the leader of the market, with a yield of 14.4%.

The EURO bonds fund, OTP Euro Bond, was the leader of its category, with a yield of 5.86%. OTP Euro Bond strengthened the top position it held in 2011, by dominating the rank of euro bonds funds in 2012, as well.

At the 8th edition of the Annual Capital Market Awards Ceremony, OTP Asset Management Romania received several awards as a public recognition of its active contribution to the development of the capital market in Romania.

OTP Asset Management Romania received the highest award during the Gala, “The Excellence Award for Contribution to the Development of the Capital Market”, as well as two other popularity awards, granted by electronic public vote. The results of the public vote were in line with the professionals’ choice, so that OTP Asset Management was named winner of the same excellence award, as an undeniable proof of its positive impact for the investors.

The third award, for the most appreciated promotion on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, was also a popularity award and it was adjudicated by the guaranteed equity closed investment fund, OTP WiseRO, listed in 2009 on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


OTP Bank Romania in 2012

During 2012, we reaffirmed our market position, turning challenges into real opportunities to develop and strengthen our relations with our customers.

Thus, we have successfully continued the “Customer Protection Program” and OTP Mentor, a strategic project in which we assume the role of real financial advisors offering integrated solutions to our customers. is the online OTP Mentor platform, providing customers with the necessary tools to better plan their financial resources.

OTPdirekt went through several upgrades, in order to offer the best services to our customers. In 2012, OTP Bank Romania continued developing the service range available through OTPdirekt, launching the Automatic Saving Tool. The new automatic saving program was developed to facilitate the placement of capital for our customers.
Moreover, as of May 2012, individual customers have access to the deposit maturity alert as part of the OTPdirekt service – SMS alerts, whereby they are informed with regard to the status of their deposits.
Also, as of July 2012, as a result of the partnership signed by OTP Bank and Romtelecom, customers can use OTPdirekt and Direct Debit services to pay their invoices automatically, on the due date, directly from their current accounts.

The further development of OTP Bank Romania products and services continued with the launch of new benefits and promotions for personal loans, and new products and services for retail and corporate customers.

OTP Bank supports its customers’ businesses both in traditional stores, through state-of-the-art POS terminals, and in virtual stores, via e-commerce functionalities. Last May, the bank launched e-commerce operations for the “acceptance of card payments” for businesses.

A few months later, we launched a new product for pensioners, a special package consisting of a current account card, bonuses and several other advantages. With the new package from OTP Bank Romania, pensioners save time and receive their pensions directly in their bank accounts.

Supporting agriculture was another key point in the 2012 business strategy of OTP Bank Romania. Thus, OTP Bank signed conventions with APIA (Paying and Intervention Agency for Agriculture) and the Guarantee Funds in order to finance the working capital needed by the beneficiaries of the Single Surface Payment Scheme (SAPS) to carry out their current activities.

Also, starting November 1st, OTP Bank Romania offers a new savings product for Self-Employed Individuals and Entities without Legal Personality, the Savings Account.

In December 2012, OTP Bank Romania launched new products and services packages for Self-Employed Individuals and Entities without Legal Personality: “Practic” and “Dynamic” packages offer Self Employed Individuals and Entities without Legal Personality facilities for current accounts, debit cards and OTPdirekt service.

In 2012, OTP Bank Romania increased its share capital twice, confirming the shareholders’ trust in the stability of our institution and our development strategy. Thus, at the end of last year, the regulated capital of OTP Bank Romania SA was raised to 732,908,880 RON.

OTP Bank Romania continued its social involvement activities in 2012 as well, gaining international recognition due to the impressive results. Thus, the “Right to Read” campaign, the bank’s first national CSR program, managed to reach out to 162 disadvantaged schools in rural areas, providing library equipment and books. More than 31.000 children thus regained their right to read, having access to over 96.000 books.

“The Right to Read” was awarded the gold medal during the prestigious international competition SABRE Awards, and was nominated to the PR News CSR Awards, one of the major social responsibility competitions in the US.

OTP Group in 2010

OTP Group recorded in 2010 HUF 162 billion adjusted profit after tax by 7% higher than in 2009. Including the HUF 29.5 billion net effect of the special banking tax, as well as the net HUF 15 billion goodwill write off, the accounting net result is HUF 118 billion.

In 2010 the operating profit reached HUF 467 billion (+7% y-o-y), adjusted by one-off items its volume represented HUF 436 billion, i.e. flat to 2009 level.