• Starting with 1st of March, 2015 OTP Bank’ clients benefit of a wider ATM network as they can withdraw money from any Millennium Bank’ ATM in the same pricing conditions. The Millennium Bank’ ATM list is available here.

  • Millennium Bank Romania is now part of OTP Group in Romania.

    OTP Bank Romania, member of OTP Group, announces that the acquisition of 100% of Millennium Bank Romania shares, member of Banco Comercial Português, has been concluded.

    As a result of the acquisition, the market share of OTP Bank Romania will rise to approximately 2% and the bank will step forward to the 13th place amongst banks present in Romania. The number of clients of OTP Bank Romania will reach almost 400 thousand, while the number of branches will be 140 and the number of ATMs 180.

    Now that the acquisition process has been completed, OTP Bank Romania will proceed the integration process that is expected to be executed within 1 year. The bank’s team will continue to provide simple and efficient solutions for private individuals and companies clients of both banks.

    In 2014, OTP Bank ranked first among the most solid banks with subsidiaries in Romania, in terms of capitalization, for the second consecutive time, according to data issued by the European Banking Authority, following a stress test study carried out by the European Central Bank.

    OTP Bank Romania has the priority to ensure a smooth transition process for Millennium Bank Romania’s clients, according to its continuous attention to high quality services that has been driving the bank since its establishment. Details
  • OTP Bank launches MyMentor, an instrument for managing your finances

    For a better manage of your incomes and expenses, OTP Bank launches MyMentor tool for handling of personal finances available in OTPdirekt-Internet Banking platform.
    MyMentor users have access to the following functions:

    • Categorizing the incomes and expenses
    • Managing and splitting transactions in more categories
    • Automatic classifying of transactions made by card
    • Viewing charts for incomes and expenses

    Try the new tool from the OTPdirekt platform.

    Don’t you have OTPdirekt yet? Apply here.

  • Information material on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (F.A.T.C.A.)

    OTP Bank Romania S.A., member of OTP Group, is firmly committed to comply with F.A.T.C.A. requirements; to that end, the entire customer data-base will be reviewed in the following period in order to determine the F.A.T.C.A. status of the customers and, where necessary, the Bank may request additional information and documents so that the implications of the new legislation are properly assessed. More information here.


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    We trust the power of the will to do good. This is why we launched the national social responsibility campaign „Right to read”. In the past 3 years, we reached to 162 disadvantaged schools from rural areas, equipping them with bookcases and books. We gave the right to read to over 31.000 children, giving them access to more than 96.000 volumes age appropriate.

    Follow our activity with step by step on www.estedreptulmeu.ro.